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#CNF “Daniel Ortega the Good Guy against the Wicked Costa Ricans”. Although the poses, protests and insults of Daniel Ortega are usually framed deliberately, on May 18 it was all too[...]...

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Brutal op-ed in Costa Rica's La Nacion daily on the "criminal" strategy of dictator Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua of pretending Covid doesn't exist and hiding data. Why does Costa Rica care? It's right next door.

Doctors are warning of looming COVID-19 chaos in Nicaragua, where victims' families and the opposition accuse President Daniel Ortega's government of ordering "express burials" to hide the true number of infections

MANAGUA - Doctors are warning of looming COVID-19 chaos in Nicaragua, where victims' families and the opposition accuse President Daniel Ortega's government of ordering "express burials" to hide the true number of infections. #BangkokPost  #World 

According to Bishop Silvio José Báez, auxiliary bishop of Managua, the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, downplayed the risks tied to #COVID19  and encouraged citizens to take part in public gatherings such as parades, marathons and festivals.

Terrific and terrifying AP story on how Nicaragua is covering up Covid deaths. Bodies are secretly buried because the regime of Daniel Ortega won't admit there is a growing epidemic.

#CNF Nicaraguan Health Workers: Covid-19 Infections in Government Laboratories. At least six laboratory workers from the “Conchita Palacios” National Health Complex in Managua, where the government of Daniel Ortega[...]...

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#CNF Nicaragua’s Secret Strategy to Beat Covid-19. Nicaragua’s presidential couple Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo are showing the world their bold secret to Covid-19 prevention. No news[...]...

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#Nicaragua  : In March, YouTube notified @CANAL15NIC  director t @MiguelCanal15hat  his news site's accounts would be shut down following copyright complaints. The complaints came from media companies owned by members of President Daniel Ortega’s family.

#CNF Nicaraguan Doctors and Health Professionals Urge Ortega to Take Covid-19 Seriously. Two hundred and thirty-six doctors and other health professionals signed a statement demanding that the government of Daniel Ortega responsibly[...]...

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"Only 4 rulers in world continue to deny the threat to health posed by covid-19. 2 are the despots of Belarus & Turkmenistan. A 3rd is Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua's tropical dictator. The other is the elected president of a great, if battered, democracy BR "

Ahora el New York Times esta preguntando por Ortega. Where Is Daniel Ortega? Nicaragua’s Leader Drops From View

Bernie has had little but warm praise for his good friend, Sandanista socialist dictator Daniel Ortega, who -- not coincidentally -- endorsed him this week.

Bernie Sanders claims he never supported Soviet Russia. Listen to him praise communist Russia, socialist Venezuela, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, & Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. He wants nothing less than communism for all of America! #FeelTheBern 

. on : “He h #BernieSanderss  been praising Socialist Dictators for decades. He praised Daniel Ortega, he praised the Castro brothers, so I don’t actually find this unusual - for Bernie Sanders to not condemn Maduro as a dictator.” #TrishRegan 

Through sanctioning PdVSA, the United States has also sanctioned Nicaragua’s ALBANISA, the government’s joint venture with PdVSA and slush fund of the corrupt regime of Daniel Ortega.

At least 300 people, including students and young children, have been killed in Nicaragua in protests against the government. Daniel Ortega'>President Daniel Ortega has rejected calls to resign and blames paramilitary groups for the deaths.

“We shouldn’t be surprised. Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro are cut of the same corrupt cloth. They are both students of the same failed ideology. And they are both dictators who live in fear of their own people.”

At least 25 people have been killed in protests in Nicaragua, according to local human rights organizations. 120+ have been injured. Daniel Ortega'>President Daniel Ortega said he will cancel the welfare system overhaul that sparked the protests last week.

It’s day 3 of civil unrest in Nicaragua after the govt of Daniel Ortega'>President Daniel Ortega cut pensions. Riot police have been suppressing protests: ∙ At least 3 people are dead ∙ At least 48 are injured ∙ 3 TV stations broadcasting the protests lost their signals