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BREAKING: LVMPD Daniel Kelly'>Officer Daniel Kelly, 35, was arrested May 20 in connection with the sexual abuse of a child under 14, according to a release.

#BREAKING : Henderson Police have arrested 35-year-old Daniel Kelly, a Metro Police officer, on charges of lewdness with a child under the age of 14.

Another notable fact: Daniel Kelly'>Justice Daniel Kelly cast the decisive vote invalidating Wisconsin's stay-at-home order. In April, voters ousted him by a huge margin. He has got to be one of the most powerful lame ducks in judicial history.

The court is controlled by conservatives 5-2. This decision was written by 4 conservative justices: Chief Justice Patience Roggensack, Rebecca Bradley, Daniel Kelly & Annette Ziegler.

Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea part of five-way transfer battle for 15-year-old Celtic wonderkid Daniel Kelly

EXCLUSIVE: Celtic face losing yet another promising teen as Man U, Leicester and Spurs circle Daniel Kelly

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Wisconsin, get out and vote NOW for Justice Daniel Kelly. Protect your 2nd Amendment!

Cassie Bernall Steven Curnow Corey DePooter Kelly Fleming Matthew Kechter Daniel Mauser Daniel Rohrbough Dave Sanders Rachel Scott Isaiah Shoels John Tomlin Lauren Townsend Kyle Velasquez Remember them always. I’ll never forget. #NeverAgain  #WeAreColumbine 

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Highly respected Daniel Kelly'>Justice Daniel Kelly is running for the Supreme Court in the Great State of Wisconsin. Justice Kelly has been doing a terrific job upholding the Rule of Law and defending your #2A . Tough on Crime, Loves our Military and our Vets. He has my Complete Endorsement!

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that tomorrow’s election will proceed as scheduled. VOTE for Daniel Kelly'>Justice Daniel Kelly tomorrow, and be safe!

On today's ballot in Wisconsin is a contest for a seat on the very court that will decide whether to allow the voter purge of predominantly Democratic voters. The GOP desperately wants to reelect their candidate, Daniel Kelly'>Justice Daniel Kelly, who will uphold the purge if he's reelected.

After everything the GOP did to help a conservative hold on to that State Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin, the liberal won. Jill Karofsy leads incumbent conservative Daniel Kelly, 523,777 to 454,674 with 60% in. A remarkable defeat for the right in the swingiest of swing states.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are on the ballot in Wisconsin today. But the main event is the State Supreme Court race between the conservative incumbent justice, Daniel Kelly, and a liberal challenger, Jill Karofsky.

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Vote today, Tuesday, for highly respected Republican, Justice Daniel Kelly. Tough on Crime, loves your Military, Vets, Farmers, & will save your 2nd Amendment. A BIG VOTE!