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Great new book by wonderful and very street smart author Dan Bongino, EXONERATED, THE FAILED TAKEDOWN OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP BY THE SWAMP. Dan hits all of the crooked points of the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Nevertheless, the Scam continues!

Fox's Dan Bongino claims Bill Taylor’s testimony proved there was no quid pro quo Bongino to Hannity: "You, me, and Geraldo now have more information about the call than Bill Taylor did”

Kent was worried about the false narrative being spun in conservative media, pointing to articles by conservative columnist John Solomon who writes for The Hill, a podcast by Fox News contributor Dan Bongino that attempted to smear then-Ukraine Ambassador Masha Yavanovich. 3/

Dan Bongino And Tucker Get A Laugh Pointing Out The Irony Of Hillary’s Newfound ‘Warrior Against Corruption’ Identity

In September 2018, Matt Palumbo, a writer who works with Dan Bongino'>Spygate-truther Dan Bongino, creates a Spygate “character" chart. This begins to create a central canon to the conspiracy. Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud and Australian diplomat Alexander Downer are supposed key players.

Washington Post best-sellers list summarizes new Dan Bongino book: "An argument that there is a plan to end Trump's presidency." REALLY???

‘This TYRANT abused his power’: Dan Bongino eviscerates John Brennan using Romney to shame Republican Senators

D’OH! Dan Bongino has a question for Hillary ‘follow every thread’ Clinton that might make her reach for the ‘delete’ key (again)

ICYMI ==> D’OH! Dan Bongino has a question for Hillary ‘follow every thread’ Clinton that might make her reach for the ‘delete’ key (again)


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“This was an illegal coup attempt on the President of the United States.” Dan Bongino on @foxandfriends  True!

“What’s happening to Justice Kavanaugh is a disgrace. This guy is not a good man, he is a great man. He has to go to his church with his family while these terrible reports are being written about him, a disgrace!” Dan Bongino@foxandfriends 

“John Brennan is a stain on the Country, we deserve better than this.” Former Secret Service Agent and author of new book, “Spygate, the Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump,” Dan Bongino. Thank you Dan, and good luck with the book!

....DonaldTrump, and now we find out that there wasn’t even a hearing - that Donald Trump’s 4th Amendment right to privacy was signed away...and someone in there is swearing that this stuff is true, when it wasn’t? This is the scandal here - a police state.” Dan Bongino

“John Brennan, no single figure in American history has done more to discredit the intelligence community than this liar. Not only is he a liar, he’s a liar about being a liar.” Dan Bongino on

...they then used to start an investigation about Trump. It is that simple. This guy is the genesis of this whole Debacle. This was a Political hit job, this was not an Intelligence Investigation. Brennan has disgraced himself, he’s worried about staying out of Jail.” Dan Bongino

....a law firm, eventually Kremlin connected sources, to gather info on Donald Trump. Collusion is very real with Russia, but only with Hillary and the Democrats, and we should demand a full investigation.” Dan Bongino on Looking forward to the new IG Report!

....“$17 million spent, it’s a scam Investigation. Americans are being worked. We now know there was Russian collusion, with Russians and the Democrats. The Mueller team is stacked with anti-Trumpers, who actually represented Clinton people (& gave $’s to Crooked H).” Dan Bongino

Lisa Page: Strzok Hoped Mueller Probe Would Lead to Impeaching Trump to Advance his Own Career – Dan Bongino