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“Politicians make policy up on the hoof trying to keep people happy”. Former victims’ commissioner, Dame Louise Casey, said there were moments when she was in the role that she felt the criminal justice system was the “criminal’s justice system” #Newsnight 

Ex-integration tsar Dame Louise Casey, who's worked for four Prime Ministers, tells @Emmabarnett  she will "probably not" work for Boris Johnson She believes there's a disconnect between Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and "people that don’t look like them or sound like them"

The Prince Andrew interview on Jeffrey Epstein “will make matters worse for victims” says former UK Victims Commissioner Dame Louise Casey – who led the investigation into Rotherham Council#bbcwato 

“Nobody is talking about the victims” “The Sexual Offences Act is just not fit for propose”, UK's first Victims' Dame Louise Casey'>Commissioner Dame Louise Casey on the Jeffrey Epstein case and Prince Andrew TV interview #politicslive 

"White posh people that go to Eton need to meet somebody that doesn't look like them or sound like them before they're in charge of the country," said Dame Louise Casey

Dame Louise Casey, a former Home Office adviser and victims’ commissioner, said that the government had put the protests outside Anderton Park primary school, Birmingham, in the “all-too-difficult box”

Homeless woman to Dame Louise Casey on the Big Sleepout: "This is not about a sleepover in Trafalgar Square with you and your hoi polloi friends reading bedtime stories." @IainDale  | #BigSleepOut 

Brilliant to be reviewing the Sunday newspapers with Dame Louise Casey and @JackieLongc4 ⁩ on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House with @bbcpaddy ⁩. Tune in!

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“It is a no-brainer that in a post-Brexit Britain the first thing you would do is make sure we all spoke the same language” Ex-government official Dame Louise Casey on cuts in funding for English classes

“When Brexit is done, we need a healing strategy for the nation, it's about language, it's about jobs, and it's about politicians not being so badly behaved towards each other". Dame Louise Casey,from the government's integration review, tells #bbcwato