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Thank you to @iHeartRadio and everyone at the show in Dallas tonight for having us. You were very lovely. H
Dallas it's good to be back .. Can't wait to see you all out there tonight #DallasJingleBall
Really exciting news @itsjamiescott will be supporting us in Dallas and St. Louis Can't wait go check him out.
Houston was a movie. Dallas up next
Realized i never tweeted about Dallas! Even tho its late please know you guys absolutely rocked that night! Thank you! X
press pooler (Dallas News) on Trump remarks: "reporters heard no mention of dead/dying/displaced Texans, no expression of sympathy for them"
I can't stop watching the Cameron Dallas tv show on Netflix and it's my new guilty pleasure and I love it and I'm drunk and emotional help
“@liampagodinho: RT @Real_Liam_Payne: Vwassshappnin Dallas can't wait for next week!! Like my hat?” who is this guy
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