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Dallas’ Mina Chang, a Trump official, used fake magazine cover to tout nonprofit work, NBC News finds

@dandeluce : "One key detail, she had one key friend or contact, the Undersecretary at State Dept, a lifelong friend of Pompeo, attended fundraiser for her NGO in Dallas & donated more than $5,000. That was the one connection we found to the Trump admin." #AMRstaff 

Welcome to your Impact2020 briefing for Tuesday, November 12. Of note today: Warren staffs up in California, Dallas picks up the security tab for Trump and Sanford blames the impeachment inquiry for his failure to launch.

Some ag bankers at a conference in Dallas said enthusiasm for Trump among farmers is waning because of trade, but they still haven’t turned on him yet (thanks to bailouts twice the size of the one for automakers). “The need for a deal is pretty severe.”

The Knicks were so bad last night, I couldn't watch. And I can't possibly watch the game vs Dallas. Porzingas. I'd rather watch a Trump rally.

In recent years, progressive prosecutors - pushing things like abandoning cash bail + declining low-level charges - started winning offices in Philly, Dallas, Chicago + Boston. They've faced pushback from police unions, other DAs, Trump admin officials /3

Rally tally: We take a look at Donald Trump's Dallas speech in detail

Fact-checking Donald Trump in Dallas, Texas House Speaker won’t face charges, Dallas drug decriminalization effort | Newsletter

Six (dozen) brags over Texas: A fact check of President Donald Trump’s Dallas rally speech

President Donald Trump held his first campaign rally in Dallas since becoming president. @dallasnews  fact-checked his speech.


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President Trump made 87 false claims last week, using relentless dishonesty to defend his dealings with Ukraine and his decisions on Syria. Trump made 40 false claims last Thursday alone, including 30 at his campaign rally in Dallas.

For old time's sake, took a look at the top 10 news stories across all of Facebook today. They're from: 1. Ben Shapiro 2. Donald J. Trump 3. Dallas Cowboys 4. Breitbart 5. Daily Caller 6. Ben Shapiro 7. "Intelligence is Sexy" 8. Occupy Democrats 9. Bible Time 10. Delish

Massive crowds are forming outside the American Airlines Center before President Trump's rally tonight in Dallas. Watch live:

Trump says it was good to let the Turks attack the Kurds. "Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids,” he tells rally in Dallas. “Then you pull them apart."

BREAKING: A man wearing a vest, helmet and a backpack near President Trump's Dallas rally counter-protestors was just detained by Dallas police. Officers confiscated a gun, breathing mask, knee pads & some type of aerosol can.

Airport protests tonight against President Trump's refugee ban: ✔️ NYC ✔️ DC ✔️ Chicago ✔️ Dallas ✔️ Denver ✔️ LA ✔️ SF ✔️ Seattle ✔️ Boston

Dallas Fed Unexpectedly Releases The Most Gushing Praise For Trump's Economy Yet | Zero Hedge

CNN reporter gathers eight Republican women in Dallas. All support Trump and believe his tweets were not racist. Women say what they think. Then reporter tries to convince them otherwise.

press pooler (Dallas News) on Trump remarks: "reporters heard no mention of dead/dying/displaced Texans, no expression of sympathy for them"