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Another freeze was experienced across portions of the Panhandles this morning. Dalhart reached 24 degrees breaking a record low for the second straight day. The previous record was 26 set in 1969. Amarillo International Airport reached 30 - one short of the record (1986). #phwx 

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Daily morning lows were tied at Amarillo (27 in 2009) and Borger (29 in 2009) and the record was broken handily at Dalhart (22, previous 27 in 2009). Most of the area was well below freezing for several hours and will be considered a "killing freeze." #phwx  #txwx  #okwx 

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19.5% of the total rainfall for the year has fallen in the past 72 hours here at the Amarillo airport. 10.5% of the annual rainfall fell in Borger over the past 72 horus. 7.5% of the annual rainfall fell in the Dalhart area over the past 72 hours. #phwx 

A Dalhart man will spend life in prison for the murder of Joel Frazier.

So far month to date rainfall in Dalhart is: 0.89". Normal October rainfall: 1.47" That's 61% of normal for the whole month, and it's only Oct. 2nd. Normal annual liquid measurement for Dalhart is 17.59" and we have 12.74" year to date. #phwx  #txwx  #okwx 

The trial for Kory Tidrow, the man facing charges related to the murder of 65-year-old Joel Frazier, begins today in Dalhart.

Follow Aubrey McCall@AubreyMcCallTV  as she tweets from day 1 of the Kory Tidrow trial in Dalhart. Tidrow is accused of killing his father in law Joel Frazier in 2017. Remains were found in an incinerator at a meat processing facility.

Looks like we set or tied 3 record highs this afternoon. Amarillo reached 95, beating the old record of 94 from 1951 and 1910. Dalhart reached 93, tying the previous mark from 1998. Finally, Borger reached 97, beating the past record of 94 set in 1998. #phwx 

The Dalhart Volunteer Fire Department and gas crews continue to work a major gas leak at 5th and U.S. 87.

JUST IN: The Dalhart Volunteer Fire Department is working a major gas leak at 5th Street and US 87.


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NEW RECORD HIGHS SET. So far Amarillo hit 105, previous record 103 in 1927 & 2011. Dalhart 107, previous record 104 in 1951. Borger hit 109, previous record 104 in 2011. Guymon hit 110 today, no official record yet, but 108 in 2011. #phwx  #txwx  #okwx 

Dalhart, TX was the warmest AND coldest site in Texas today: 18 degrees this morning and 78 degrees this afternoon. #txwx 

4 PM heat index/wind chill temps. (courtesy of ) Feels like 38 in Dalhart and 104 in Laredo. Can you find the front?

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The pits are unloaded at the #XIT  Rodeo BBQ, and the World's Largest Free BBQ is underway in Dalhart, TX.

3 PM Wind Chill of -12 in Dalhart & Heat Index of 95 in McAllen. 107 deg spread! Can you find the front? (courtesy ).

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Spent the morning at @HilmarCheese  Dalhart Manufacturing site. This site processes millions of gallons of milk a day

Amarillo (108) and Borger (110) set new all time July record high temperatures and Dalhart tied theirs with 107 degrees. #phwx , txwx, okwx

DPS has closed I-40 west of Amarillo and 87 northwest of Dalhart. 3-4 foot drifts reported in southern panhandle. #phwx  #holidaystorm