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Just read a daily mail article written by Jan Moir some of which I totally agree with but some things you are far off your game my friend
What's crazy is yesterday was a great night for British music yet The Daily Mail still managed to write a really shitty article about it.
Daily Mail using this in article entitled 'Pictures that make me weep for today's young women'.
Happy. Helping each other. Sensible socks.
Excellent (and polite) responses from University Challenge contestants to a Daily Mail reporter...
It's 2017. This sexism must be consigned to history. Shame on the Daily Mail.
I have always paid my taxes on time and in full. The Daily Mail continues its vendetta against me because they don't agree with my views.
Thoughts are with the Daily Mail at this very difficult time.
The open sewer that is the Daily Mail are upset I called them an open sewer, so let me be clear. The Daily Mail is an open sewer.
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