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NYT says Trump is poised to name Richard Grenell as Director of National Intelligence. Here's Lev Parnas telling the Daily Beast that Grenell agreed to give a "heads up" to Kremlin-connected oligarch Dmitry Firtash if DOJ was about to move to extradite him to face trial here:

Bill Barr Is Not Quitting--He's Doing Some Weapons-Grade Gaslighting of America @TheRickWilson  / The Daily Beast)

Daily Beast reporters say Reince Priebus was repeatedly asked about the rotund, hairy omnivores during briefings on healthcare and foreign policy

For Trump, pardons appear to be literally for sale. Paul Pogue (who received a full pardon) and his wife donated over $200,000 to Trump reelection efforts, the Daily Beast reports:

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Critics bashed the newsman for dropping neutrality to stump for Bloomberg. But Donaldson doesn’t mind because “corrupt and mean” Trump must be stopped, he told The Daily Beast.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Says Asking for His Health Records Is a 'Smear' Like Birtherism@JamieRoss7  / The Daily Beast)

Trump Grants Clemency to Another Round of People He Saw on Fox News - The Daily Beast via thanks @nuzzel  @josh_emerson 


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All the Cons lustily retweeting Daily Beast/HuffPo/ #OpenBordersInc  oppo research & recycled slime to bring me down for defending free speech & #AmericaFirst  : Screw you. All those who see through the bullshit: Thank you.

Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, Parnas’ lawyer Ed MacMahon told The Daily Beast. Explosive scoop from @woodruffbets 

Multiple law enforcement sources tell The Daily Beast Epstein was taken into custody Saturday night on charges of sex trafficking of minors

NEW: Five senior Trump administration officials who watched in real time told The Daily Beast that they had no idea where Trump got the “whimpering and crying and screaming” Baghdadi detail. Via and @swin24  @ErinBanco 

I deleted a tweet bc NYT Daily Beast and NBC have all discussed Russian bot support for Tulsi Gabbard, not their push for a 3rd party run. But I continue to not understand why major media outlets aren’t more concerned about Russian bot support of Tulsi than Hillary’s statement.

Speaking of #michaelcohen  threats #StormyDaniels ), here is what then-daily beast (now npr) reporter says he rec’vd from Cohen while writing a piece on DT’s divorce:

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"A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told The Daily Beast that Mueller intended to make a case to Congress, believing that legislators, and not the DOJ, are 'empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president’s conduct.'"

“It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 percent accurate,” a senior Trump administration official told The Daily Beast. “This is the play.”

If you had an affair with a pro-life congressman who encouraged you to have an abortion we at the Daily Beast would like to hear from you