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I'm out today but every single fact in the first four paragraphs of this big New York Times story today about Epstein's time at MCC was reported (and often first) by the Daily Beast over the last week. First grab is 8/10 Beast, second is 8/17 NYT

Mark Halperin, who faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment in 2017, signs a book deal with publisher Regan Arts (The Daily Beast)

Proud Boys Declare Portland Rally a Success: ‘Go Look at President Trump’s Twitter’ - The Daily Beast

Jeffrey Epstein Was Allowed to Buy Small Women’s Panties at Palm Beach Jail: Report - The Daily Beast

Larry Kudlow Brushes Off Concerns About Economy: ‘I Sure Don't See a Recession’ - The Daily Beast

My Childhood Rape and My Life That Might Have Been @goldietaylor  / The Daily Beast)

The NRA spent tens of thousands of dollars bringing hair and makeup artists around the country for the wife of its CEO, two sources told The Daily Beast


Most relevant

Multiple law enforcement sources tell The Daily Beast Epstein was taken into custody Saturday night on charges of sex trafficking of minors

“Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed… This was not a big crime,” Giuliani told The Daily Beast, re alleged violations of campaign finance law.

EXCLUSIVE: A Daily Beast investigation found that nearly $1 billion in taxpayer money went to ICE's for-profit prisons this year—where migrants work for pennies in conditions advocates say resemble slave labor

Speaking of #michaelcohen  threats #StormyDaniels ), here is what then-daily beast (now npr) reporter says he rec’vd from Cohen while writing a piece on DT’s divorce:

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"A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told The Daily Beast that Mueller intended to make a case to Congress, believing that legislators, and not the DOJ, are 'empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president’s conduct.'"

‘Did he just perjure himself again?’ Don Jr. and Eric (with an assist from The Daily Beast) accuse Michael Cohen of lying about not wanting a WH job –

Trump is reportedly already turning on Mick Mulvaney—who hasn’t even started his new job as acting White House chief of staff yet—due to a two-year-old video uncovered by The Daily Beast, which shows Mulvaney calling the president "a terrible human being"

“It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 percent accurate,” a senior Trump administration official told The Daily Beast. “This is the play.”

News outlets that reported this fact (partial list): —Wash. Post. —NY Times. —NPR. —CNN. —Fox News. —ABC. —NBC. —CBS. —MSNBC. —PBS. —AP. —Reuters. —New Yorker. —BuzzFeed. —Daily Beast. —BBC. —Slate. —Vox. —Atlantic.

If you had an affair with a pro-life congressman who encouraged you to have an abortion we at the Daily Beast would like to hear from you