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Soledad O'Brien
my mom died today joining my dad who passed away 40 days ago she was a pretty remarkable lady an immigrant fro
My mom died today. Joining my dad who passed away 40 days ago. She was a pretty remarkable lady. An immigrant from Cuba, she lived with the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Baltimore during college. Here (on the left) she is in Cuba in the 1930s.
Jessica Valenti
remember when this woman went to jail because she used her dads address to get her kids into a better school d
Remember when this woman *went to jail* because she used her dad’s address to get her kids into a better school district?
Louis Tomlinson
can t believe i m going to be a dad wow
Can't believe I'm going to be a Dad! Wow!!
Donald J. Trump
just a son who loves his dad nice
Just a son who loves his Dad. Nice!
Kyle Walker
dad can you show me that photo of you guys running after reaching the quarter final nah son
Dad, can you show me that photo of you guys running after reaching the quarter final?
-“Nah son
Sarah Silverman
i went to nyu for 1 yr w a very small scholarship 1500 per semester and my dad paid the rest i was shocked at
I went to NYU for 1 yr w/ a very small scholarship ($1500 per semester) and my dad paid the rest. I was shocked at all the rich kids whose parents “made them” go to college. Seriously- let someone who wants to learn go in your shitty kid’s place.
Louis Tomlinson
give ruby s mum amp dad a boost today pleaseeeeeee even just 1 helps
Give Ruby's Mum & Dad a boost today pleaseeeeeee !!!!! Even just £1 helps
Be A King
happy birthday dad i miss you mlk
Happy birthday dad, I miss you! #MLK
Justin Bieber
thanks dad not bad genes biebergenes
Thanks dad not bad genes #biebergenes
@LiamPayne 4 years
thank you jamieoliver for the perfect christmas turkey and to my dad
Thank you @jamieoliver for the perfect Christmas Turkey and to my dad :)
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