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One of my darkest fears about Trump was that future generations would grow up fighting for life in a science-fiction dystopia. You have to hand it to the GOP: they got us there in just three years.

I specialize in dystopia and our societies are currently exceeding even my wildest expectations

Now, more than three decades after refusing closure, Atwood seeks resolution, returning to the landscape of her iconic dystopia in The Testaments.

The whole "immunity passports" thing is the focus of the criminally underrated 2003 dystopia film Code 46

The chaotic world of the original Mad Max was inspired by violence caused by fuel shortages in Melbourne. The dystopia of The Road Warrior was inspired by fears of nuclear catastrophe. Fury Road was inspired by fears of climate collapse. Every era gets the Mad Max it deserves.

My neighborhood is a symphony of players 6 feet apart. Kids riding bikes, neighbors barbecuing, other neighbors “baking”, my dogs lounging, someone cleaning their car. It’s a maudlin Rockwelliandystopia of calm amidst an obscured storm.

Lots of minor things have pressed home the sense of sci-fi dystopia, but none so much as the patriotic messages relayed over the tannoy at Dunnes Stores.

Grammy-award winner @DUALIPA  emerges as a dance-floor queen with her disco-inspired sophomore album, a triumph that promises to turn our self-isolated dystopia into a dance party

In spite of a sense of dystopia, Italians are searching for bright spots amid a devastating pandemic.


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If we fail to defend the free and open web, we risk a digital dystopia of entrenched inequality and abuse of rights. We must act now. Join me in backing the Contract for the Web — a global plan of action for the #WebWeWant . @webfoundation 

I suppose we live in times when comedians have become journalists and journalists have become comedians. #dystopia 

Youtube has confirmed to me that regardless of whether the president of the United States tweets out the name of a publicly relevant figure, or if major cable channels talk about the person, you are not allowed to say the name on Youtube Welcome to the dystopia

“We can no longer allow a white nationalist in the White House@JayInslee . That’s a sentence that, just a few years ago, could not have been uttered outside the realm of science fiction dystopia. Boy did we fuck up.

want to spend an hour hanging with a british guy before the possible global dystopia/sigh of relief come over here

Michael Gove standing for the Tory party leadership is the official confirmation we needed that we are now living in a hellish dystopia