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A DUP-Tory government is a menace to LGBT rights and women's rights. I wrote this back in 2015 >>
Naomi Long of NI Alliance party has come out of No 10 after PM talks saying she's "not reassured" by UK Govt neutrality post DUP-Tory deal.
Being very serious, given awful history, isn't direct Westminster rule of NI by a DUP-Tory gov incredibly dangerous
Most striking thing: looks like NI executive gets £1bn *even if* DUP-Tory deal in Commons falls apart or power sharing collapses after Thurs
Despite the DUP/Tory deal today, United Ireland is on the cards - we must have a plan!
Theresa May's DUP-Tory deal criticised as 'shabby and reckless'
Just ahead of No 10 DUP-Tory talks, @DUPleader presents her new MPs
says "The future's bright".
"The future's orange" quips @ianpaisleymp
Question of the day from @elliotttimes to senior Conservative source, re the DUP-Tory talks. "Is no deal better than a bad deal?"
CONFIRMED: Barnett will not apply to DUP-Tory deal. Not a penny more for Scotland / Wales despite £1bn to N Ireland.
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