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In the past couple of weeks the DUP First Minister and Sinn Féin Deputy First Minister appear to be pulling together much better. But is it real or are they faking it?

Brexit dilemma: DUP’s brazen ‘best of both worlds’ bid exposed

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The NI Assembly has voted to pass a motion to reject recent changes to abortion laws in Northern Ireland. The move will not have any effect on those laws, but the DUP says it will send a message to Westminster.

DUP MLA accuses the Department of Finance of withholding emails about a failed PPE order from China

Ian Paisley, DUP, not happy with Jacob Rees Mogg's plans to abolish voting for those who can't get to parliament. DUP members will be "obstructed" from voting because they can't get there because of flight restrictions

Sinn Féin to oppose DUP's motion against abortion in cases of non-fatal disabilities

Jim Shannon, DUP, nearly voted with the govt by mistake


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The Tories and the DUP have just voted through cuts to free school meals in England. The Tories bought the DUP's support by excluding Northern Ireland from these cuts. A disgraceful tactic which is playing politics with the health of our children.

Strange when the Good Friday Agreement comes up no one - especially not BBC interviewers - mentions the DUP opposed it, campaigned against it in the referendum on it in NI and refused to participate for 10 years. Perhaps not a surprise they back proposals that'll destroy the GFA.

Quite a run of form for Rees Mogg: 1) Vows never to “abandon” the DUP then abandons the DUP 2) Describes withdrawal agreement as slavery then votes for it 3) Insults people who didn’t go to Eton, especially Wykehamists 4) Promotes AfD 5) Explains the enormous power UK has in EU

Hard-won LGBT rights must not be sold out by @Theresa_May  and the Tories as they try to cling to power with the DUP.

“Let them go to the chippy instead” - DUPMPs muttering behind me when mentioned food prices rising after No Deal . It won't be #BrexitMPs  who have to cope with worst impacts of No Deal. should be ashamed of their disregard for people they represent.

So let me get this straight. Theresa May spent £1 billion getting the DUP to prop up her govt and now she’s spending £2billion to prop up her Brexit deal. So that’s one woman, wasting £3billion of public money for nobody else’s benefit except her own. Right-io.

This Tory-DUP deal has not been done in the national interest but in the interest of & ' own political survival.

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The reason for today’s failure in the Brexit talks is the grubby deal the Tories did with the DUP after the election. Each passing day provides further evidence that ’s Government is completely ill-equipped to negotiate a successful deal for our country.

One of the most extreme political entities in the British Isles, the 8 MPs of the DUP, is to wag the tail of Mrs May's minority Government

One of the most extreme political entities in the British Isles, the 10 MPs of the DUP, is to wag the tail of Mrs May's minority Government