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We asked the 24-year-old what it is. "A giant glowing d**k," Shelby responded. I applaud Shelby's holiday spirit to poke at her uptight neighbors. I also laughed hysterically at the TV news trying to show you the light display, while blurring it out.

This article largely lays it out my view of how the Dem race may evolve from here. DK if Sanders has the appeal to take advantage of the opening, but this is about as good of a shot as he can hope for IMO

Remember Ole Miss products A.J. Brown and DK Metcalf next year in fantasy drafts. @RealHOTD  breaks down why in his Week 15 Target and Snap report

@AndrewYangVFA  I don't fault Booker's camp for this, although the community and writers at DK -- which I subscribe to because their election polling roundups are so good -- has been consistently dismissive of Yang's campaign and sometimes that starts to look pretty ugly.

Quinnipiac poll today: Would you say that you are better off or worse off financially today than you were in 2016? Better Worse off off SAME DK/NA 57 22 19 2

New pod up. I discussed the most important usage & injury fallout notes from Wk 14 with @AndrewWiggins , as he (god willing) prepares to win the DKLive Final Sunday.

New Quinnipiac poll: Do you think that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, or don't you think so? Yes/Impeached 45% No 51 DK/NA 4


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Slipping into the #DiamondLife  with @pledis_17  💎 (we stan you too, DK!) #CARAT  #SEVENTEEN  #2019MAMA 

#iKON 'NEW KIDS:CONTINUE' DK TEASER 🎼 Title song : 죽겠다(Killing Me) 🎼 Sub-title song : 바람(Freedom) New Mini Album#NewKidsContinue ' ✅ 2018.08.02 6PM #아이콘 #NewKids  #Continue  #죽겠다 #KILLING_ME  #DK  #20180802_6PM  #YG 

A scout convinced DKMetcalf to show up to meet with the Seahawks staff with no shirt, so Pete Carroll "got pissed" and took his off too 😂 (via )

D.K. Metcalf broke down on the phone with his family after a life-changing performance at the combine (via @NFL )

D.K. Metcalf has taken over the NFL combine. — 6’3” 228lbs — 27 reps — 40.5" vertical — 4.33 40 time — 1.6% body fat

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What a game of cricket last night, Complete team performance! Big up boys!!! 💪👌Well done DK 👊 #NidahasTrophy2018  #INDvsBAN 

At 6'3" and 228 lbs, D.K. Metcalf put up an INSANE 40-yard dash time 😱 📺: NFL Network

#iKON 'NEW KIDS:CONTINUE' COMEBACK TEASER #3  - DK New Mini Album#NewKidsContinue ' ✅ 2018.08.02 6PM #아이콘 #NewKids  #Continue  #20180802_6PM  #YG 

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