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We must vigorously defend DACA and the young people in that program and fight for immigration reform and a path toward citizenship.
Today marks the 5th anniversary of DACA. It was created with a very important purpose—to allow kids brought here to come out of the shadows.
As you watch this unfold, think of this: what happens if they try to start deporting DACA recipients? Or kick 20 mil off health insurance?
First innocent #DACA kid arrested by @GOP President. US Government should free Daniel Ramirez Medina immediately.
We’re ready to counter any challenge the Trump administration gives #DACA. Protecting #Dreamers is a top priority of mine. #DefendDACA
Now, it’s in jeopardy under this admin. The president should live up to his words and “show great heart” by continuing DACA. #DefendDACA
Today is the 5year Celebration of #DACA. This program has touched 800k young American's lives in the most profound ways. Fight for it!
.@realDonaldTrump has broken his word yet again -- this time by deporting a DREAMer protected under DACA.
Since 2012, #DACA has protected 800k young people brought to the US as kids from mass deportation. Nearly 22k in MA alone. #defendDACA
More than 30,000 New Yorkers live and work here thanks to DACA. We stand with them and #defendDACA.
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