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animaloftheday galeocerdo cuvier the tiger shark icymi gtgt sharkweek starts july 5th
#AnimalOfTheDay: Galeocerdo cuvier, the tiger shark!

ICYMI >> @SharkWeek starts July 5th!
Guardian Environment
polar bearscuviers beaked whale amp 21 shark ray amp sawfish among species listed at cmscop11
Polar bears,Cuvier’s beaked-whale, & 21 shark, ray & sawfish among species listed at #CMSCOP11
ABC Emergency
wa destructive winds now being felt in cape cuvier as cycloneolwyn tracks towards perth
#WA: Destructive winds now being felt in Cape Cuvier, as #CycloneOlwyn tracks towards Perth.
ABC Emergency
cycloneolwyn cyclone warning cape cuvier whim creek cyclone watch south past kalbarri
Cyclone warning: Cape Cuvier - Whim Creek
Cyclone watch south past Kalbarri
ABC Emergency
cycloneolwyn warning area extends from cape cuvier north past karratha watch area south to jurien bay wa
#CycloneOlwyn: Warning area extends from Cape Cuvier north past Karratha; watch area south to Jurien Bay. #WA
The Scotsman
experts are baffled by a spate of cuvier s beaked whale deaths on the west coast of scotland
Experts are baffled by a spate of Cuvier's beaked whale deaths on the west coast of Scotland:
take that elephant seal the cuviers beaked whale set the deep diving bar to a record low
Take that, elephant seal: the Cuvier’s beaked whale set the deep-diving bar to a record low.
Total(1) => 0.12077307701111 f_f_QM(2) => 0.11501908302307 indS(2) => 0.0094351768493652 indM(2) => 0.10550904273987 indM_1(2) => 0.016856908798218 indM_2(2) => 0.0015168190002441 indM_4(2) => 0.01142692565918 indM_5(2) => 0.018537998199463 indM_6(2) => 0.0050370693206787 indM_7(2) => 0.017513751983643 indM_8(2) => 0.0027532577514648 indM_9(2) => 0.0090599060058594 indM_10(2) => 0.0081636905670166 f_f_dT(43) => 0.0036354064941406 f_f_pTL(2) => 0.0018279552459717