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Dear Management.

Please don't ever make me leave my bed.

Yours sincerely,
Joshua Thomas John Cuthbert
#OTD 1967: The first ever episode of Trumpton aired. "Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb"
Press conference to announce the Cuthbert will be officially joining the band...
Happy birthday Joshua Thomas Cuthbert , have a great day today, love ya man! Xx @JoshUJWorld
@ZacEfron we could be brothers??? Right? Troy Cuthbert.
Joshua Thomas John Cuthbert is such a LONG
Happy Birthday Mr CuthBERT ;) love yoooooub! George X
Studio with mr cuthbert today #unionjalbum2 :) :) @JoshUJWorld xxx
Yesterday evening I lost my incredible cousin Ben. He will be in all the Cuthberts hearts forever. Still in shock. RIP Ben Cuthbert. ❤️
'Live everyday like its your last. Treasure the moments you have and make sure you make them count' --- So so true. RIP Ben Cuthbert ❤️
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