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When someone doesn't realise "I'll show you a picture" is their cue to look away from your phone while you search
Taking a cue from the left, we must now demand that all her shows be canceled & everyone on the left permanently disavow Kathy Griffin
Random person: hey amber u should start dating.
Me: me dating?? b****, IM MARRIED TO THE MUSIC.

Cue the Shinee music!

(Sorry guys haha)
Cue Sinatra and #StartSpreadingTheNews, that's win No. 6⃣0⃣!

Final: Yankees 11, Blue Jays 5.
Really sucks how expectant people can be these days.. Not need to cause a scene or be pushy. *cue the hate but idgaf*
Match point down. Cue a mammoth 49-shot rally to stay in the match. Bravo, Sascha Zverev 👏

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@danawhite you bitchass you were actually there and saw all 12 rounds. Really you fuckin cue ball ass fraud? Kissin my ass after the 12rds.
Cue up Sinatra and #StartSpreadingTheNews, it's a shutout!

Final: Yankees 8, The Team In 2nd Place 0.
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