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ok movies suck I’m ready to be a v famous actress now. Please send me all the scripts. Plz note I cannot cry on cue but I am very good at happy, angry, tired, bitchy, super nice gal but complete indifference is my strength. I will do sexy time scenes it doesn’t have to make sense
Big honor for me to be on this year's #TIME100 list. Thanks @cue for the kind words!
Heard this on the radio today:
*cue energetic music*

“What’s up LA? The weathers getting warm and you know what that means?! Tax season.”

#adulting #thestruggleisreal
Random person: hey amber u should start dating.
Me: me dating?? b****, IM MARRIED TO THE MUSIC.

Cue the Shinee music!

(Sorry guys haha)
Really sucks how expectant people can be these days.. Not need to cause a scene or be pushy. *cue the hate but idgaf*
We all have that one friend who’s insta story you really don’t wana see but it won’t get out of the cue and no matter how many times you swipe away Instagram doesn’t get the memo.
85’: Man Utd 0-1 Sheff Wed
FT: Man Utd 2-1 Sheff Wed

Cue iconic celebrations from @ManUtd’s Sir Alex Ferguson…

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And right on cue, a left wing activist attacks a journalist for reporting on/condemning Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism.

Either bigotry is ok or it isn’t.
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