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Crows in urban areas have higher cholesterol as they graze on more fast food.

Wouldn't you want to know if your neighbor was torturing animals? PETA supporters had a strong message for @ColoradoStateU  experimenter Gregory Ebel outside of his home — stop experimenting on crows!

Crows are highly intelligent individuals who don't deserve to be tortured inside a university lab. @ColoradoStateU  President Joyce McConnell doesn't seem to get that. We will not stop until #CSU  stops experimenting on birds!

We trained crows to pick up garbage, but can we teach ourselves?

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The big ❓'s facing the Crows in 2020 after a post-season of mass change.

The broken leg that led the new Crows headman from ⚽️ to AFL!

Former @Adelaide_FC  midfielder Hugh Greenwood says the Crows were a ticking time bomb, and it was only a matter of time until things reached crisis point. @JackBerketa9  #9News 

🔥 @Adelaide_FC  chairman Rob Chapman answers some burning questions: - The futures of Mark Ricciuto and Andrew Fagan. - The importance of new coach Matthew Nicks. - Lleyton Hewitt’s chances of joining the Crows board. - How the club will move forward.

It was “only a matter of time before the lid came off’ at the Crows according to Hugh Greenwood.


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New Grishaverse #SDCC2019  poster from the legend @kevinwada  🌙💀 To celebrate all of the exciting things happening with the show, I wanted to bring together some of the warriors, witches, and queens from Shadow and Bone, Six of Crows, and King of Scars.

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Oh, , raise crows, and they'll gouge out your eyes! Your tweets have ignited violence and have divided the nation. You're calling for peace, but you won't get it, because you've normalized violence, you hatemonger.

Crows are so smart, they can even make tools

There will always be some crows in your life pecking at you, trying to bait you into a fight. But the only way to argue with a crow is to come down to their level. You’re an eagle; quit wasting your time with crows.

When Trump crows about the wall, remember: 1) Most Americans oppose it. 2) Most drugs come in through ports of entry. 3) Mexico won't pay, taxpayers will. 4) Border crossings are at historic lows. 5) There's no evidence of terrorists crossing the southern border.

In 2014, networks refused to air President Obama's address on immigration because they claimed it was "overtly political," yet even though Trumpcrows about the wall at every rally, features it in campaign ads, and has it embroidered on hats they will air his address?

This is real. Shadow & Bone AND Six of Crows are coming to @netflix . The #grishaverse  is about to come to life.

More beautiful than dark nites & dawn...the cold frost in winter & my daughters toothache, sons essay & the lil ones lov for crows

What a night! loudest crows ever! The "Fighting ThaIrish" M

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