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Seven years ago, Victor Assaf was a top Crossfit athlete. On the way home from a competition, he got in a horrible motorcycle accident. His body was changed forever. His mind was not. This is Victor Assaf today

Today was heavy bench day. 315x5 350x5 370x5 390x3 incline press Was 225x10 275x8 295x8 315x6 DB chest press 120x15,12,10 Shoulder press 80x15 90x12 100x10 light triceps now I’m hm resting up for 4 pm CrossFit.

Today was a rep day 225x20, 275x15, 315x10 30 degree incline 90x12, 105x12, 120x12 3 sets of seated shoulder press 80x10 90x10 100x10, Side lateral raises, front lateral raise 3x12 for both. Now resting for 4 pm CrossFit

Osteoarthritis is (most often) NOT a mechanical wear and tear process. Too many people, including HCPs, think that osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear. Too many HCPs tell their patients to stop running, speed walking, elliptical, treadmill, CrossFit, etc to feel better. 1/?

CrossFit, Inc. suspends use of Facebook and associated properties

Fox and Friends just accidentally broadcast a graphic claiming Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. When in reality, RBG just left Zumba and is on her way to Crossfit. Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Crossfit is when I cross the table to fit that burrito in my mouth.

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If you’re vegan who does CrossFit, what do you talk about first?

"The first rule of CrossFit: You Must Talk About CrossFit."