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Results for Croatia


Gary Lineker
utterly choked but this young side gave absolutely everything its a huge step forward and theyll only get bett
Utterly choked, but this young side gave absolutely everything. It’s a huge step forward and they’ll only get better in the future. They can hold their heads high, they did our country proud. Congratulations to Croatia.
anand mahindra
just got this whatsapp post incredible if true she flew economy class to russiaampwatched the match with fans
Just got this Whatsapp post.  Incredible, if true!  “She flew economy class to Russia&watched the match with fans till recognized&offered a seat in the VIP area.She was unhappy though, as she wasn’t allowed to wear a team T-shirt in VIP area.Her identity?President of Croatia!”
Wayne Rooney
great memories against croatia go and make more of your own special memories today lads and make history lets
Great memories against Croatia. Go and make more of your own special memories today lads and make history. Let’s get another step closer to bringing it home! Good luck 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁👍🏼 #ThreeLions #Eng country flag #WorldCup
Darren Rovell
england fans in hyde park waste about 10000 in beer on teams first goal against croatia
England fans in Hyde Park waste about $10,000 in beer on team’s first goal against Croatia
FIFA World Cup
so this weekend sat france vs argentina uruguay vs portugal sun spain vs russia croatia vs denmark if you ve g
So, this weekend...

France vs Argentina
Uruguay vs Portugal

Spain vs Russia
Croatia vs Denmark

If you've got plans, cancel them.
The Int'l Spectator
highest youth unemployment south africa 527 greece 38 nigeria 36 spain 34 italy 31 morocco 27 iran 28 algeria
Highest youth unemployment.

South Africa: 527%
Greece: 38%
Nigeria: 36%
Spain: 34%
Italy: 31%
Morocco: 27%
Iran: 28%
Algeria: 26%
Serbia: 25%
Croatia: 23%
Albania: 23%
Turkey: 22%
France: 21%
Cyprus: 19%
Sri Lanka: 19%
Portugal: 19%
Slovakia: 18%
Bleacher Report UK
croatia beat england to reach the worldcup final
Croatia beat England to reach the #WorldCup final 👑
ITV Football
strong words from luka modric post match english journalists pundits from television they underestimated croat
Strong words from Luka Modric post-match:

"English journalists, pundits from television, they underestimated Croatia tonight and that was a huge mistake. All these words from them we take, we were reading and we were saying 'ok, today we will see who will be tired'"
5 Seconds Of Summer
amnesia eps out in oz nz de it fi cz ie croatia nl si switzerland ba s africa amp ca
Amnesia EPs out in OZ, NZ, DE, IT, FI, CZ, IE, Croatia, NL, SI, Switzerland, BA, S Africa & CA
les bleus are on top of the world france wins the world cup defeating croatia 4 2

France wins the World Cup, defeating Croatia, 4-2.
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