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Millions of people around the globe are following the information about the spread of and efforts to combat coronavirus-caused disease. Microsoft promptly reacted to the request by the MFA of Ukraine correcting the status of Crimea in its COVID-19 Tracker. #CrimeaIsUkraine 

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#ThisDay in 2014 #UNGA  adopted Resolution 68/262 in support of territorial integrity of Ukraine. We are grateful to our international partners for strong adherence to basic norms of int-l law & clear condemnation of Russian aggression against Ukraine in Crimea. #CrimeaIsUkraine 

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@SecPompeo : Crimea is Ukraine. The United States will never recognize Russia’s attempted annexation

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So as European leaders focused on quarantine and crisis, President Putin headed for Crimea to celebrate six years since Russia annexed the territory from Ukraine.

Though Ukraine still lacks the leverage to restore sovereignty over Crimea, that does not mean the West should accept it. @steven_pifer  gives an update on Crimea 6 years after its annexation.

It’s been 6 years since Russia illegally annexed Crimea. Though Ukraine still lacks the leverage it needs to restore its sovereignty there, @steven_pifer  argues that the West should not give up.

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez has criticized Russia for what he called "serious human rights" abuses in Crimea during the six years since Russia's annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine.

1/2 #ThisDay  in 2014 #Russia  signed the so-called "treaty" on inclusion of Crimea to the Russian Federation. This null and void act was taken by Kremlin in its attempt to legalize its aggression against Ukraine.

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Ukraine’s direction causing unease six years after loss of Crimea via @IrishTimesWorld 

Six years after Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine, the peninsula is ever more tightly bound to Moscow, which now covers almost 70% of its budget


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"I'm glad Trump found out that Crimea was part of Ukraine. By the way, I heard he was on the verge of acknowledging gravity." @JoeBiden 

So with all of the Obama tough talk on Russia and the Ukraine, they have already taken Crimea and continue to push. That's what I said!

much worse - just look at Syria (red line), Crimea, Ukraine and the build-up of Russian nukes. Not good! Was this the leaker of Fake News?

Irony alert: As impeachment is debated in DC Ukraine's President Zelinskiy is in Paris for 1st meeting with Putin to negotiate the future of Ukraine & Crimea - seriously weakened by not getting that coveted Oval Office meeting with @realDonaldTrump  and lack of U.S. support

Once again: - Russia annexed Crimea - Invaded & still occupies E. Ukraine - Used nerve agent to murder in UK - Murders & jails dissidents, journalists & opposition leaders - Backs Assad & targets civilians in Syria - Meddled in 2016 election & laying groundwork for 2018/2020

BREAKING: Ukraine says Russia opens fire on Ukrainian navy ships in Kerch Strait near Crimea, one of them damaged.

I support better relations with Russia. If Putin left Crimea, ended his war against Ukraine, stopped backing murderous regime in Syria, ended intervention in US elections & retracted his call for arresting USG officials , I’d support lifting sanctions & normalizing relations.

Things to remember before travels to Europe: -Russia is the aggressor—Ukraine is the victim -Crimea belongs to Ukraine -NATO & US troops in Europe serve our national interests -Europeans must spend more on defense -Putin's track record shows he can't be trusted

Annexed Crimea Invaded Eastern Ukraine Murders dissidents, journalists & spies Deliberately bombs civilians in SyriaMounting military buildup to weaken US Interfered in election to help Trump win

As Trump says of Putin meeting: "Frankly, Putin may be the easiest of them all." a reminder: -Putin annexed Crimea -Putin invaded E. Ukraine -Putin interfered in 2016 to aid Trump -Putin supports Assad in Syria & targets civilians to do so -Putin used nerve agent to murder in UK