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"Whoever says yes gets a reward, whoever says no gets a whipping." Interesting @meduza_en  investigation into how the Russian Defense Ministry involved Orthodox Priests in the operation to annex Ukraine's Crimea in 2014.

NYT reports Trump administration will designate ultranationalist Russian Imperial Movement a terrorist org. The movement, known also by its Russian acronym RID, recruited Russians to fight in Ukraine, trained locals in Crimea during annexation operation.

The March 2014 referendum in Crimea was deeply flawed, but it is incontrovertible that most, though not all, Crimean residents welcomed joining Russia. John O'Loughlin, @Toal_CritGeo , & @KristinMBakke  discuss political attitudes in the region six years on:

“When Ukrainian activists and Western politicians claim that the residents of Crimea are ‘living under occupation,’ they mistake the experience of some for the experience of all.”

“When Ukrainian activists and Western politicians claim that the residents of Crimea are ‘living under occupation,’ they mistake the experience of some for the experience of all.”

In 2014, Crimea’s residents were generally hopeful that Russian annexation would improve their lives. After five years of development initiatives, investment of more than $20 billion, and integration into Russia’s infrastructure, have expectations changed?

Six years ago, Russian forces seized the Ukrainian territory of Crimea—a move largely supported by its residents. Read John O'Loughlin, @Toal_CritGeo , and @KristinMBakke  on what survey evidence reveals about attitudes in Crimea toward Russian rule today:

Russian military holding drills to defend Crimea from air attack - Defenсe Ministry

Ukraine says it has breached an espionage communication channel between a high-ranking Ukrainian naval officer and Russia's FSB in the Crimea'>Russian-occupied Crimea.

Update: Crimea to set up checkpoint on Kerch Bridge to fight coronavirus spread - authorities


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For eight years Russia "ran over" President Obama, got stronger and stronger, picked-off Crimea and added missiles. Weak! @foxandfriends 

Wow another doozy for Bloomberg. Just imagine what they’ll find when they really start digging. Michael Bloomberg Circa 2015 Justifies Russia’s Invasion Of Crimea - #BloombergIsRacist 

Thank you to for the great timeline on all of the failures the Obama Administration had against Russia, including Crimea, Syria and so much more. We are now starting to win again!

The media is going crazy. They totally distort so many things on purpose. Crimea, nuclear, "the baby" and so much more. Very dishonest!

Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?

much worse - just look at Syria (red line), Crimea, Ukraine and the build-up of Russian nukes. Not good! Was this the leaker of Fake News?

Why are so many self-described Republicans on twitter so dismissive of Russian threat? Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, intervened in Syria to prop up a dictator in 2015, interfered in our elections in 2016, tried to kill Skripal in 2018, deploying new nuke weapons against us.

WATCH: Giant lion climbs straight into safari vehicle in Crimea, giving a group of tourists the shock of their lives

BREAKING: Ukraine says Russia opens fire on Ukrainian navy ships in Kerch Strait near Crimea, one of them damaged.

The next time you hear Trump claim that he's "tough" on Russia, remember that he has: --Weakened NATO and the EU --Given Putin cover on Crimea --Repeated Kremlin talking points --Ignored election interference --Lifted sanctions on key oligarch --Disregarded US intelligence