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Metropolitan Police boss Cressida Dick reminds us how lucky we are to have such brave and selfless officers on our streets in tough times 💙
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Cressida Dick becomes first woman to take charge of London's Metropolitan Police
"We treat this as a terrorist attack," says Met Police chief Cressida Dick #FinsburyPark
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Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick: police believe there are three #LondonAttack attackers, all of which are dead #LondonBridge #London
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7 members of the public died in #LondonAttacks as well as 3 attackers - London Met police chief Cressida Dick
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Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick says seven people have been killed in the London Bridge attack
"We need more" resources and power, says Met Commissioner Cressida Dick
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick pays tribute to the emergency services following the London Bridge attack
Commissioner Cressida Dick's advice to those in #London following the tragic events in #Manchester last night
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