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The entire U.S. tax code is being rewritten at 6:30pm on a Friday in crayon 🖍️ #GOPTaxScam
Dead bodies.
Men with guns.

Crayon pictures from Rohingya refugees that no child should be drawing.

#ChildrenUprooted #AChildIsAChild
ICYMI: We made a browser extension that turns Trump’s tweets into the crayon scribbles of a child. Enjoy:
"Hey what flavor crayon is that?" asked Georgie, the class's least favorite.
I'm excited to announce June 26 through July 22 of Lady Gaga's artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball will be opened by CRAYON POP!
Wayne Rooney is to hand in a written transfer request and he's going to use the red crayon to show he's really angry.
Crayola is retiring the "dandelion" crayon. I feel bad for kids in the future who won’t know what the color dandelion tastes like.
i swear my mans Steve was Picaso wit da crayon
In a emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.
Crayola needs your help naming its newest blue crayon:
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