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As the Craic vs Crack debate reignites, let me remind you that Christy Moore spelt it “crack” as late as the 1980s and (younger people need trust me on this bit) nobody argued otherwise.

“We’re going to have craic tonight,” Hugh Jackman promises. “It’s the only country you can say that without getting arrested.” But did he say craic or crack? We'll never know unless he had subtitles @ciaraobrien  @hlinehan  @FrankmcnallyIT  @IrishTimesCultr 

Sorted out two very important issues this week. The word for 'fun' in Ireland is 'craic' not 'crack' & scone rhymes with tone not gone. There are dissenters ie @FrankmcnallyIT  @hlinehan  et al but I ask that the democratic will of Twitter is respected. Thank you. #scone  #craic 

If we get this to 10,000 then I'll have a mandate to go to @PresidentIRL  & request that he make 'craic' the Official Irish Spelling and then we'll have no more 'crack' in @IrishTimes  Help me to help you ... #craic  #crack  @Damian_Cullen  @MadeleineLyonsI  @MarkHennessy  @hlinehan 

In @IrishTimes  we spell craic as crack. We say the "crack" was 90 not the "craic" was 90. Are we wrong or are we right? Interested in feedback. Also the conversation will be a bit of craic ... @MarkHennessy  @RositaBoland  @hlinehan  @FrankmcnallyIT  @conor_pope  @Damian_Cullen 

Craic, a quintessentially Irish word, is actually a recent import of the Middle English word, crack

My speaker is still randomly breaking into an Indian accent, and my 3 year old keeps barking "Hey Google, what's the craic" at it. Google Home gives her a literal definition of crack. Every time.

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An appropriate word of the day which I’ve shared as a favourite and a unique Irish descriptor: craic. (Pronounced crack). “How’s the craic?”Or “It’s good craic” or “She’s good craic.” Skip green beer and say craic: it is authentic. #StPatricksDay 

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@cvmisvdo Thank you Sophie! What great craic! Craik? Crack? I am not Irish

Off into the nightlife of Dublin. I fully intend to crack the craic.

Ireland gives @piersmorgan  a warm welcome as he attempts to ‘crack the craic’: #latelateshow 

Having a crack at the often odd world of modern tech... Craic Addicts, with new #Shorts  now on 4oD: