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China’s leaders are painfully aware of the global costs of a Tiananmen-style crackdown in Hong Kong. But given the absence of alternative approaches to the escalating confrontation, writes Orville Schell, it is not easy to imagine how else it will end.

Cotton warns China: Crackdown on Hong Kong would be "grave miscalculation of historic proportion"

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Stamping out ambiguity: The grim worldview that unites Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, the crackdown on Hong Kong, and the fight over Kashmir

Why Russia Will Support China’s Crackdown In Hong Kong

While protesters in Hong Kong have encountered an increasingly violent crackdown, they are receiving broad support from the sidelines. Read more:

John Oliver rips Trump's 'tacit endorsement' of China crackdown on Hong Kong protests

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President Trump warns that a potential violent crackdown on Hong Kong protesters could damage prospects of a US trade deal with China.

'Another Tiananmen Square' crackdown in Hong Kong would harm trade deal, Trump warns

United States President Donald Trump has warned China that carrying out a Tiananmen Square-style crackdown on Hong Kong pro-democracy protests would harm trade talks between the two countries.

'Tiananmen Square' crackdown in Hong Kong would harm trade deal: Trump

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Hong Kong Protesters Push Boycott of Disney’s ‘Mulan’ After Star States Support for Police Crackdown

The people of Hong Kong are bravely standing up to the Chinese Communist Party as Beijing tries to encroach on their autonomy and freedom. Any violent crackdown would be completely unacceptable. As I have said on the Senate floor: The world is watching.

America hears the people of Hong Kong. President @realDonaldTrump : It is unacceptable that you are not standing up to President Xi as he intensifies his crackdown on democratic rights in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party must face consequences.

Chinese state media vow there "won't be a repeat" of the Tiananmen Square crackdown if Beijing moves to quash Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests 📸 Chinese military personnel perform drills at a sports stadium in Shenzhen, near the border with Hong Kong

Trump aides have been careful speaking about Hong Kong because of a 6/18 phone call between Trump and Xi when made an ad hoc commitment to Xi that he would not condemn the Chinese government over a crackdown in Hong Kong - w/ @nahaltoosi  @morningmoneyben 

It is unacceptable that President@realDonaldTrump  is not standing up to Beijing as it intensifies its crackdown on human rights in Hong Kong. He needs to make it clear that America stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Hong Kong who want democracy and freedom.

I stand with the people of Hong Kong in their struggle for freedom and accountability. We have a responsibility to speak up in defense of democracy and make clear that a violent crackdown by the Hong Kong or Chinese governments against this protest would be unacceptable.

*Trump made ad hoc commitment to Xi not to condemn crackdown on Hong Kong*

Candlelight vigil in Hong Kong marks 30th anniversary of Tiananmen crackdown