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Ireland will not sign off on a Brexit deal unless we protect Good Friday Agreement fully - Coveney
Irish Deputy PM/ Foreign min Coveney feels the need to tweet the part of the joint agreement where UK Gov & EU agreed commitments on Ireland “must be upheld”...
Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney: "Very good outcome for everyone on the island of Ireland, no hard border guaranteed "
So, upshot of this morning's Boris Johnson and Coveney meeting: Ireland says 'no'. You can't move to 2nd phase of talks until Irish border solution on table.
Coveney says Irish citizens in Northern Ireland will continue to enjoy all their rights as EU citizens - "The people of Northern Ireland who are Irish citizens will continue to enjoy rights as EU citizens, including where they reside in Northern Ireland"
Sky News presenter to Simon Coveney: 'Do you think that this week's kerfuffle has been necessary? Do you feel guilty?'
“There is not an anti British bone in my body - Britain is a great country and we want a good deal. A good deal for Brit is a good deal for us, but Ireland will not be steamrolled in this issue.” Simon Coveney. Irish dep PM
BREAKING Simon Coveney, Ireland's PM: The irish government is not going to reverse its position - we want to give Theresa May time. "if there are presentation issues we will look at that. "
Irish DPM Coveney: “we are looking for parameters within which a solution can be found in Phase 2 - not unreasonable - we’d like solution to border issues involves all the UK acting as one, but if that is not possible, both Govt needs to recognise that NI had unique challenges”
Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney says the UK and EU are very close to agreeing a deal on the Irish border and the border will look like it looks today after Brexit
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