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Ireland will not sign off on a Brexit deal unless we protect Good Friday Agreement fully - Coveney
"That is a crazy argument."

Ireland's deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney responds to the argument put forward by many Brexiteers that neither the UK or Ireland will erect a border.
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On the notion the backstop crosses the DUP’s red lines, Coveney tells me: “The DUP represents a minority of people in NI, majority voted to stay in, though we have to respect the broad decision of the UK and we do, but parties rep majority in NI.. back a sensible backstop”
Simon Coveney, Irish DPM tells Sky News
“We can’t accept a time limit” on the Irish Brexit backstop and plays down chances of a deal next week
“Fail to prepare and prepare to fail” is message from the Irish DPM Coveney praising the Roy Keane mantra of “obsessive preparation” of Irish business for Brexit...He’s brought all the Irish Government top Brexit advisers to meet Irish business as part of this tour now in Galway
Speaking in Luxembourg Coveney said the UK made commitments “in writing” both in last December and in March that there would be a backstop in place, “unless and until” another solution appeared to avoid a hard border in Ireland.
“We want to maintain the free-trading relationship that we have with the United Kingdom…but Britain has chosen to leave… and that creates complexities,” says Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Tánaiste.

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Irish Deputy PM Simon Coveney sounding optimistic, reminds #Ridge that there are already checks and some new checks may be unavoidable. Also says the chances of a Brexit deal are "good" because the withdrawal treaty is 90% agreed. Realistic tone.
Irish Tánaiste Simon Coveney on #BBCR4today was head and shoulders above any UK Gov minister on the realities of Brexit.
Deeply ironic when you remember the mockery, for independence, Ireland got and Scotland gets....
The #BetterTogether Brexit is changing everything.
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