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Ireland will not sign off on a Brexit deal unless we protect Good Friday Agreement fully - Coveney
Irish FM Coveney welcomes direction of travel in Customs Union papers but says some of the UK workarounds are "completely unworkable"
"We aren't going to be used as a pawn" in wider negotiations says Simon Coveney - reference to the idea UK Gov is using NI border as wedge
Total votes in #FGleadership

Leo Varadkar 3,946

Simon Coveney 7,163

Leo wins.
Hard to laugh at Trump winning US election!

Varadker? Coveney? Who gives a shite? It makes feck-all difference. They're BOTH gobhawks!
Obituary: Michael Coveney on the extraordinary life and times of Alan Rickman
No Irish proposal for Brexit sea border, says Coveney
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