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Trivia time: Which @rolandgarros  finalists does @andyroddick  have a winning record against? Don't feel bad if you don't get them all; Andy doesn't know either. 😉 Keep submitting questions using #AskAndy  to stump him! @BrettHaber  @LDavenport76  Courier'>Jim Courier#TCLive 

Big moves and big bucks for @rogerfederer . 💰☝️ @serenawilliams  returning to court. 👊 MLB eyes on Jaden Agassi. ⚾️ @BrettHaber , @LDavenport76 , and Courier'>Jim Courier run down the biggest news in the tennis world today → #TCLive 

“I always set for myself little goals every single day.” 👏 @GrigorDimitrov  joins @BrettHaber  and Courier'>Jim Courier to talk staying in the right mindset during quarantine, his giant birthday cake, winning the 2017 ATP Finals, and more → #TCLive 

Throwing it back to @rogerfederer ’s first time conquering the Parisian clay. 🏆 @BrettHaber , @LDavenport76 , and Courier'>Jim Courier recall the Maestro's 14th major title and career Grand Slam on #TCLive  → @rolandgarros  #RolandGarros 

“It was where it all started. I had a good feeling there and even won the junior doubles back in the day. It was a tournament where I was consistently in the mix for a lot of years. @rolandgarros  was the linchpin for me.” Our interview with Courier'>Jim Courier:

“In '91 I came into @rolandgarros  as a player on the rise. In '92 I came in as the No. 1 player in the world." Courier'>Jim Courier recalls his 1991 and 1992 seasons that took him to World No. 1 and would be remembered as the best streak of his career.

7 shot in downtown Louisville at Breonna Taylor protest. Here's what we know (Courier-Journal)

LOUISVILLE Left mckinley_moore (insta) via AP Right Michael Clevenger/Courier Journal

FOOTBALL ALL-DECADE: Part 1 of 3 – ranking the best individual teams in the Courier News area over the past 10 years #NJFootball 


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Cold nite shoot in Amsterdam. Girls send me a hug for warmth. Boys courier me a pure leather jacket.

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Here's how Dershowtiz's quote ran in the Courier Post in New Jersey on November 21, 1974

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Why do cries of "Moscow Mitch" particularly perturb Sen. Mitch McConnell when he's let other insults roll off his back? Phillip M. Bailey, Courier Journal'>Louisville Courier Journal political reporter, explains.

A Yale grad submitted a notarized statement to the FBI Tuesday saying he confronted a “uncontrollably, incoherently drunk" Kavanaugh as he was “smashing the black cargo box” in the bed of his parked Courier'>Ford Courier on a New Haven street in the fall of 1986.

If the package sent to Brennan (misspelled name, he’s contributor at MSNBC not CNN) was hand delivered by courier, why the stamps? Change of method?

"Whether it was courier or U.S. mail, this person is going to be caught"- @dbongino 

Rep. Ralph Norman took out a loaded weapon at a meeting with constituents. “I'm not going to be a Gabby Giffords," Norman said afterward. “I don't mind dying, but whoever shoots me better shoot well or I'm shooting back," he told The Post and Courier.

Courier-Journal: Muhammad Ali Jr. detained by immigration at Fla. airport

RT & follow for a chance to win an exclusive #TI4  courier. We'll courier these if you're not at the games.

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