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Hell Yeah! RT @ESBCBrews : We just got an entire pallet of @steveaustinBSR  Broken Skull IPA merch! Once we get everything counted and stocked, it will be available for sale in the taproom and through our online store. #hellyeah 

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The final votes in the @GuardianAus  / @BirdlifeOz  poll have been counted and the results are in. Follow the latest updates and reaction as the #BirdoftheYear  result is announced!

Unauthorized immigrants are not the same as "illegal" immigrants. Many different immigrant groups can be counted as unauthorized immigrants; there is no universal definition. Here’s how we defined it for our new study on unauthorized immigration in Europe.

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We can't afford to take our election security for granted. Voters in every part of America should feel confident that their vote is secure and fairly counted. #EveryVoteCounts 

All the ways the GOP has come to Trump's defense on impeachment (We counted 19)

City Councilman Breean Beggs’ lead over local business woman Cindy Wendle in the race for Spokane City Council president grew by more than 300 votes after more votes were counted Wednesday night.

Twelve killed, 27 injured. Officials counted one more among the dead — John Comstock, the 13th man... but he survived.

The fact she could lift a medium size handbag also counted against her.

The fact she could lift a medium size handbag also counted against her.

The fact she could 'lift a medium size handbag' also counted against former teacher Liz, 66.


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Congrats to the World Champion @Nationals  and their fans! A great group that always showed up when it counted and was never afraid to show a little joy: dancing in the dugout, laughing, believing, and always sticking together. A true team with a spirit that’d do us all well.

It’s highly suspicious Dems flipped so many seats in red Orange County through late ballots counted after Election Day. If legit we can live with the results, but if not, something must be done to stop this fraudulent vote tampering

Kyrie counted all of the defenders he scored on 😂😂

We must embrace paper ballots and upgrades to our election infrastructure in 2020. Russia and other foreign adversaries cannot hack a piece of paper like they can a computer. Every voter deserves to have their vote counted. It’s imperative we work now to protect our elections.

I've noticed some confusion about how elections work. People vote on (and now often before) Election Day. And those votes are counted. All of them. Sometimes it takes a while. Then, and only then, you know who won.

flower boy being gold is awesome to me cause i have no regular radio play, not in the club, no viral song or hit that was so big it counted towards it, which means (for the most part) the actual album/body of work is receiving this accolade plus im fire so stank you smelly mucho

Every vote must be lawfully & accurately counted in Florida—and everywhere. Florida has until Saturday to count ALL votes and nothing should stand in the way of that. Counting every vote isn't "fraud"—it's how our democracy works.

Every vote legally cast should be counted. That’s the law Have no problem with recounts. That’s the law. But last early votes were cast Sunday & had to be submitted by Tue evening. That the law too. Yet 48 hours after deadline #BrowardCounty  is only county still counting them

Georgia voters: If you voted with a provisional ballot on Tuesday, make sure your ballot will be counted as votes continue to be tallied in the governor's race.

The corporate media counted us out. The pollsters said we were way behind. But we won. Thank you, Michigan.

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