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Donald J. Trump
thank you to senator rob portman and senator cory gardner for the early and warm endorsement we will all win i
Thank you to Senator Rob Portman and Senator Cory Gardner for the early and warm endorsement. We will ALL WIN in 2020 together!
Chelsea Handler
thoughts and prayers to the nra who is saying theyre in a deep financial crisis and may be unable to exist may
Thoughts and prayers to the NRA who is saying they’re in a deep financial crisis and may be unable to exist. Maybe they could ask some of the Republicans they donated millions to for a loan:
Richard Burr - $7M
Roy Blunt - $4M
Cory Gardner - $3M
Marco Rubio - $3M
Chad Pergram
amid kavanaugh furor amp threats to mbrs sen cory gardner r co tells fox that his wife received a text with a
Amid Kavanaugh furor & threats to mbrs, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) tells Fox that his wife received a text with a video attachment showing a gruesome beheading. Someone has has also released the names of and addresses of his family members.
Bernie Sanders
congratulations to republican senators cory gardner and susan collins for understanding that 800000 federal em
Congratulations to Republican Senators Cory Gardner and Susan Collins for understanding that 800,000 federal employees must be paid. If Leader McConnell allows the Senate to vote, we can end the government shut down now.
Sam Stein
according to an anonymous complaint sent to republican sen cory gardner of colorado kavanaugh physically assau
"According to an anonymous complaint sent to Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman he socialized with in the Washington, D.C. area in 1998 while he was inebriated."
Robert Costa
colorado republican sen cory gardners spokesman told us wednesday he intends to vote for a clean funding bill
"Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner’s spokesman told us Wednesday he intends to vote for a clean funding bill that would open the government with no increased border-security funding attached." @denverpost
Jim Sciutto
new lisa murkowski republican from alaska will join susan collins amp cory gardner to vote for democratic prop
New: Lisa Murkowski, Republican from Alaska, will join Susan Collins & Cory Gardner to vote for Democratic proposal to re-open government as well as GOP proposal. That makes three Republicans, ten short of the 13 needed to pass Dem bill- @FoxReports reporting
CNN Politics
republicans who voted for democratic proposal lamar alexander susan collins cory gardner johnny isakson lisa m
Republicans who voted for Democratic proposal:
• Lamar Alexander
• Susan Collins
Cory Gardner
• Johnny Isakson
• Lisa Murkowski
• Mitt Romney

Full list of senators who crossed the aisle to vote for plans to reopen the government:
Sarah Kliff
i asked sen cory gardner of colorado if the gop replacement plan would cover as many people as aca he promptly
I asked Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado if the GOP replacement plan would cover as many people as ACA. He promptly turned around, walked away.
republican ts against trump s national emergency susan collins lisa murkowski tom tillis lamar alexander cory
Republican'ts against Trump's National Emergency:

Susan Collins
Lisa Murkowski
Tom Tillis
Lamar Alexander
Cory Gardner
Marco Rubio
Mitt Romney
Mike Lee
Rand Paul
Jerry Moran

Call these Senators & remind them they work for us, not their donors!
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