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5. @BBCRadio London 's political correspondent@susana_mendonca  said Labour "overestimated " how the Remain vote might benefit them in London. Many were surprised not to have made more gains in the capital.

"I have not enjoyed my time in the last couple of years in Parliament." @Anna_Soubry  tells our correspondent@pbearneITV  that she'll be relieved to be out of politics. @itvnews  @NewsAtTenPoliti  #GE2019s 

#Analysis: Europecorrespondent@AdamParsons  questions whether #Brexit  can be achieved 'by the end of 2020'

#CitizenshipAmmendmentBill2019 : @ZeeNews  corresponden @pooja_news  reports from Assam on anti-Citizenship Act protests. Follow her stories from the ground here

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@FRANCE24  @BorisJohnson  " @cntrentF24T  @UKLabourh  @jeremycorbyni  @theSNPs  @NicolaSturgeon  @Conservativesis  the result that most people here wanted, not because they like or tha @BorisJohnsont  they think is a g #Brexitood  idea, but because they wanted a decisive outcome, " explains our correspondent in 🇪🇺 #Brussels  @DaveKeating  http #GeneralElections  #ElectionResults2019 : #UKElection //

Jo Swinson's seat of East Dunbartonshire is 'on a knife edge', according to our political correspondent@ecpetrie  at the count.

Will Boris bolt it in? Get an Aussie perspective on the UK election with updates from our Europecorrespondent@steveheraldsun  in London, live stream and seat tracker >> #ukelection  #exitpoll 

Our London correspondent@seanwhelanRTE  says that if the exit poll is correct "it is a really really damaging result for Labour" #GE19 


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As we arrived to document the killings this was the reception we were given in El Alto. I have never experienced anything remotely like it in all my years as a correspondent.

"It feels a bit like an endgame." Sky's Asiacorrespondent@chesh  says violence in the #HongKongProtests  is becoming 'more and more tense' after police order lockdown on demonstrations by Polytechnic University. Watch live updates here 👉

Time correspondentVera Bergengruen explains how a Kremlin-linked firm that had been under sanctions was able to invest millions in Sen. Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

BREAKING: President Trump, CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta and Correspondent engage in tense exchanges in post-election news conference.

I lived in Japan for 5 yrs as @CNN’s Tokyocorrespondent and covered ZERO mass shooting. ZERO shootings AT ALL. Japan is a video game culture unlike almost any other country. What’s extremely, extremely rare in Japan—guns.

BREAKING: White House aide grabs and tries to physically remove a microphone from CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta during a contentious exchange with President Trump at a news conference.

Hosting the WH Correspondent’s dinner is an unwinnable gig. If you go too far, you lose, if you don’t go far enough, you lose. Reminder that Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not deserve our pity. She lies to us every single day.

It is difficult to rewatch the questioning of #Anita  Hill by the late GOP Sen Arlen Specter now playing. I cannot imagine what it was like for her to live through that hearing and it’s aftermath. The most searing experience I ever had as a congressional correspondent