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This Congress doesn’t work for working families. It works for corporate lobbyists & campaign donors in backroom deals & 1:30 AM votes. This corruption is hollowing out America’s middle class & tearing down our democracy.
My thoughts on this sad day for America (a thread):

Right-wing & corporate special interests selected this nominee and propped up his nomination with tens of millions of dollars in dark money.

We need to prioritize protecting our courts, which starts with retaking the Senate.
Would be interesting if these stories were framed the way corporate announcement of bonuses, or capital investment are. "After Big Tax Cut, Bank of America To Raise Fees On Customers"
In just 9 years the CFPB has secured almost $12 billion in consumer relief for corporate wrongdoing, including $700 million from Citi and Bank of America, $100 million from Wells Fargo for opening millions of fake bank accounts, and $130 million owed to service members/veterans
There was a time in America when workers & investors each got a big chunk of the wealth they produced. But these days, workers who help create record corporate profits aren’t getting what they’ve earned. I talked w/ abo@FranklinFoerut my ideas to fix that.
#Kaepernick is your new spokesman. You sure about that? Folks, this is really just a new low for corporate America. #Nike should be ashamed of itself, and I think the backlash to this is going to be substantial.” —@dbongino
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Some are saying I posted a misleading quote about Sen. Hatch. I disagree. After saying that he started the CHIP program, he then says there isn't any money for it. This on a night he voted to plunge America $1 Trillion deeper in debt for corporate tax cuts.
Remember when Congress spent TWO MONTHS talking about how big to make the corporate tax cuts instead of figuring out how to fund the government and make sure we didn't needlessly punish 800,000 young people in America? And then went on vacation for a month?
The Democratic Party can no longer be led by the liberal elite. We have to stand up to Wall Street and the greed of corporate America.
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