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This Congress doesn’t work for working families. It works for corporate lobbyists & campaign donors in backroom deals & 1:30 AM votes. This corruption is hollowing out America’s middle class & tearing down our democracy.
In just 9 years the CFPB has secured almost $12 billion in consumer relief for corporate wrongdoing, including $700 million from Citi and Bank of America, $100 million from Wells Fargo for opening millions of fake bank accounts, and $130 million owed to service members/veterans
Some are saying I posted a misleading quote about Sen. Hatch. I disagree. After saying that he started the CHIP program, he then says there isn't any money for it. This on a night he voted to plunge America $1 Trillion deeper in debt for corporate tax cuts.
This week on America: The CEO class is happy to watch the civic institutions that built the most prosperous society in human history burn to the ground if it helps them get a cut in the corporate tax rate.
Corporate America doesn't want to reduce their tax rate down to 20 percent. They want it down to zero. And that's a burden that will fall on the backs of the middle class.
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The Democratic Party can no longer be led by the liberal elite. We have to stand up to Wall Street and the greed of corporate America.
"...for Trump against his opponents -- on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America.” 2/2
If America's corporate executives were truly courageous, they would be doing everything they could to reduce the power of money in politics.
Dear corporate America: his tweets are worse than his bite. Don't be cowed.
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