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Woah Holy shit. Youtubers Beware! People are sending out fake copyright claim emails in attempts to get your youtube login. Always triple check the actual email address.
A monkey took a selfie. PETA says he owns the copyright. The photographer's defense: 'He is a monkey'
Big Hit Entertainment issues warning against illegal distribution of their artists' copyright
for lent, i'm giving up.*

*(this entirely original tweet copyright mark hoppus enterprises)
Reading @Gizmodo's write-up of @h3h3productions fair use/copyright abuse win. Their version of events is "Big Bully wins fair use case". lol
Nine European press agencies, including @AFP, called on internet giants to be forced to pay copyright for using news content on which they make vast profits
BREAKING: Federal judge rules ‘Happy Birthday’ song is public domain, denies publisher’s copyright claim.
Apple recently won a $1.05 billion copyright battle against Samsung and Samsung paid the amount by sending 30 trucks full of 5 cents coins.
Radiohead reportedly suing Lana Del Rey over copyright infringement
A lot more to this story on Trump's copyright in China. Stay tuned.
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