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This week I spoke to the Australian Digital Alliance about copyright in 2020. Read my speech here:

At @nlagovau  National Library to speak at an important conference, ‘Blurring Lines’ - the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum 2020

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Love Blake! An artists rights pioneer! Creator Spotlight with Blake Morgan | Copyright Alliance

Why is Senator Wyden the Only Obstacle Standing Between America’s Creators and Justice? Copyright Alliance

Disney, MPAA, News Media Alliance are among those lobbying to limit Section 230, citing copyright concerns, threatening Google, FB, and the web as we know it @dmccabe  / New York Times)

Wyden is a Silicon Valley tool. There is no point in negotiating him. 1)Give him a primary challenger or 2)Use the oppo I dug up (Son owns 30% of intelligence contractor.) CASE Act Stalled in Senate Due to Single Holdout, Says Copyright Alliance

POTUS’ video was removed because the sensitive snowflakes at @warnermusic  whined about copyright infringement. At least we know where their political alliance lies.

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