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After Telangana encounter killing, Goa minister suggests 'public hanging' for all rape accused. | #CopsKillRapists .

Telangana encounter: @ShivSena  believes ‘justice served’ in Cyberabad rape case. | #CopsKillRapists .

Listen in: A viewer calls in to share his views on #CopsKillRapists ’. | Navika Kumar on @thenewshour .

Listen in: Viewers call in to share their views on #CopsKillRapists ’. | INDIA UPFRONT with Rahul Shivshankar.

Watch: Viewers share their video messages with TIMES NOW on #CopsKillRapists ’.


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‘We do not even know if they’re the real culprits’, says Retd. Justice R S Sodhi. | #CopsKillRapists 

Felt really good, such encounters must be legalised: BJP MP @me_locket  on Telangana encounter. | #CopsKillRapists 

We’re still ‘feeding’ the Nirbhaya rapists thrice a day: Khuhshboo, Actress tells TIMES NOW. | #CopsKillRapists 

‘I congratulate Telangana cops for the encounter in Hyderabad’, says Trupti Desai, Activist on #CopsKillRapists ’.

‘Where is the evidence that these people actually committed the crime?’, @IJaising , Sr Advocate. | #CopsKillRapists 

Executive has no role in choosing the punishment: Sudha Ramalingam, Activist tells TIMES NOW. | #CopsKillRapists