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Results for Copa Sudamericana


Squawka News
copa sudamericana finalists atletico nacional have requested that conmebol award the title to chapecoense incr
Copa Sudamericana finalists Atlético Nacional have requested that CONMEBOL award the title to Chapecoense.

Incredible gesture.
atletico nacional chapecoense s opponent in the copa sudamericana final has offered the title to the brazilian
Atletico Nacional, Chapecoense's opponent in the Copa Sudamericana final, has offered the title to the Brazilian club.
Bleacher Report
update copa sudamericana final opponent asks that cup title be awarded to chapecoense following tragic plane c
UPDATE: Copa Sudamericana final opponent asks that cup title be awarded to Chapecoense following tragic plane crash
Squawka News
chapecoense survivors lift the copa sudamericana champions
Chapecoense survivors lift the Copa Sudamericana.

Champions. 🏆
MailOnline Sport
players celebrate reaching the copa sudamericana final days before tragic plane crash
#Chapecoense players celebrate reaching the Copa Sudamericana final days before tragic plane crash #ForçaChapecoense
Squawka News
official chapecoense have been crowned copa sudamericana 2016 champions by conmebol fantastic gesture via
OFFICIAL: Chapecoense have been crowned Copa Sudamericana 2016 champions by CONMEBOL.

Fantastic gesture 👏

(Via )
Mirror Football
confirmed chapecoense will be crowned copa sudamericana champions
CONFIRMED: Chapecoense WILL be crowned Copa Sudamericana champions
BBC Sport
a fitting tribute chapecoense have been awarded the copa sudamericana more
A fitting tribute.

Chapecoense have been awarded the Copa Sudamericana.

@Sporf 2 years
survivors of the chapecoense plane tragedy helio neto jackson follmann and alan ruschel receiving the copa sud
Survivors of the Chapecoense plane tragedy Helio Neto, Jackson Follmann and Alan Ruschel receiving the Copa Sudamericana trophy. 🙏🇧🇷
FOX Soccer
chapecoense lifted the copa sudamericana trophy in an emotional ceremony this week
Chapecoense lifted the Copa Sudamericana trophy in an emotional ceremony this week.
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