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Seeing on the news a coward cop (now fired) arrested and zip tied a 6 year old girl at school. Real big man.

#Breaking | DeceasedcopRattan Lal's kin sit on dharna demanding 'martyr status' for him. Details by TIMES NOW's Arvind Singh.

It’s YAH-NESS-COO. And it’s a cop-out for media to avoid talking about her achievements because they “don’t have context” or “haven’t watched enough.” Watch the games. Learn the names. Don’t spout off XFL info & then say u don’t have time to know ALL the sports u should cover.

My brother served time in prison. I understand both sides of this narrative with the cop. #ForLife  #wftv 

#Breaking | SHOCKER from Rajasthan. Cop thrashes a toll plaza employee for asking toll. Details by TIMES NOW's Arvind Singh.

Replace these moderators with the disney gay cyclops cop

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MODERATOR: Amy Klobuchar, Bernie wants to legalize pot weeds. Are you cool like him, or are you a cop? KLOBS: Yeah I'm down. Bloomberg: I wanna at least arrest the dealers. I gotta arrest *somebody.*

#Emmerdale spoilers: Will terrified as corrupt cop DI Malone stalks him 😮

Slain Richardson officer’s wife emotional on stand during punishment phase of cop killer’s trial


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Bodycam footage shows this cop repeatedly planting drugs during traffic stops. He now faces felony charges.

Robert Mueller was a Hero to the Radical Left Democrats, until he ruled that there was No Collusion with Russia (so ridiculous to even say!). After more than two years since the “insurance policy” statement was made by a dirty cop, I got the answers I wanted, the Truth.....

A cop fatally shot #Tommy Le hours before his HS graduation. He believed Le had a knife, but it was just a pen.

Florida cop with history of making false arrests harasses, curses at black father calmly holding his baby, repeatedly calls him "boy." SEE FULL VIDEO AT

Cop walked into the gym and put $20 bets on one-on-one matchups… and then he went to work ? (via jaaassonn_/IG)

Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer two years ago today. This heartbreaking footage shows the aftermath of his death, while his girlfriend and their 4-year-old daughter were held in a cop car.

Police Direct Words: I'll put a hole in you so quick!! This cop threaten to kill a innocent passenger.

So funny to watch Schumer groveling. He called for the firing of bad copJames Comey many times - UNTIL I FIRED HIM!

The issue of gun violence in America isn’t just school shootings. A teacher with a gun wouldn’t have saved: Vegas: a concert Orlando: a nightclub Sutherland Springs: a church Aurora: a movie theater Gabby Giffords: a parking lot Trayvon Martin: a neighborhood Mike Brown: a cop