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🆕 UN Secretary-General Report documents alleged reprisals against victims, members of civil society and activists for cooperating with the @UN  in 4⃣8⃣ countries. Learn more: #StandUp4HumanRights 

Putin was trying to persuade the entire Middle East that working with him is more effective than cooperating with the U.S.

Tampering -- including the toughened penalties for which the NBA's Board of Governors voted Friday -- is a prime battleground of competing vs. cooperating. #cultureofcompliance 

"The competing imperatives here are both compelling: On the one hand, you have to protect your sources; on the other hand, you have to be honest with the reader about who’s cooperating."

Attorney: MyPayrollHR CEO cooperating with federal investigators, still in Capital Region

These new Chrome extension permissions are... interesting and somewhat confusing: "Communicate with cooperating websites"?? "Read and modify data you copy and paste"?? "Manage your downloads"??

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The Asheville Police Department is the sole investigator in this incident. In a press release, school officials say they are cooperating with police in what is the very early stages of an ongoing investigation.

"Shanghai and Hong Kong are brothers," Shanghai mayor Han Zheng said in 2010. "We are cooperating."

A Facebook employee has died in an apparent suicide at the company's Menlo Park headquarters; Facebook says it is cooperating with the police (Business Insider)

A Cuyahoga County Jail guard on Thursday testified that his fellow officers labeled him a “snitch” and a “fed” for cooperating with investigators probing a February 2018 incident that left an inmate missing teeth several teeth.


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"Grandpa, what did YOU do when Nazi sympathizers took over the White House?" "I thought maybe I could get lower taxes by cooperating" @GOP 

I was wrong. There IS evidence of collusion with Russia! Proof now comes out. But it wasn't but it was the UNREAL Adam "Shifty" Schiff who at least thought he was cooperating with Russians.

BREAKING / NBC NEWS: Michael Cohen's attorneys have told a judge tonight that their client is cooperating in an ongoing federal investigation in New York and he has met with the New York AG's office about their suit against the Trump Foundation and the President.

Imagine if any other president vowed to "turn the tables" and seek retribution against American citizens for cooperating with federal investigators. This alone would be a massive scandal, yet Republicans in Congress parrot Trump's attacks and let him get away with it.

I get it now. When President Trump rails against the Mueller witch hunt he really means "which" hunt, as in which close aid will be indicted or plead guilty and start cooperating next? I guess the word of the day is homonym.

And she’s not cooperating with Senate Intelligence. That seems a bit of a red flag.

Dangling pardons. Attempting to get a prosecutor to unrecuse. Threatening a cooperating witness. False public statements. Encouraging congressional allies to investigate the investigators to protect him. All of it a pattern of obstruction. All of it dangerous to the rule of law.

Mueller’s investigation has produced: 22 indictments 4 are for former Trump campaign officials: (Flynn, Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos) 3 of those 4 have pleaded guilty and are cooperating 1 who hasn’t, Manafort, faces up to 90 years in prison if convicted #FollowTheFacts 

EXCLUSIVE: This is the clearest indication to date that Flynn is cooperating with Mueller. w @mattapuzzo  @maggieNYT