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"Are you not allowed to sit at the cool table in the cafeteria" - @scarletfu  having some fun with Gemma Wright-Casparius, an active managers at Vanguard, who gave us good insight into their $1.4T active MF biz on ETF IQ

@TaylorLorenz  In Japan they have a program called "Cool Biz " to encourage men to wear short sleeves at work and companies to turn up the temp to lower energy use.

From 'Cool American Doritos' to 'Meister Proper,' here's what 10 US brands are called around the world #biz  #feedly 

#Russia consumer loans grow 25% y/y 1Q19 despite #Russia  central bank effort to cool biz

Japan begins its annual "Cool Biz" campaign to encourage workers to turn the air-conditioning down and wear cooler clothes -- literally! 😎 | Video

Japan begins 'Cool Biz' energy-saving casual wear campaign ---

Japan kicks off Reiwa Era's first energy-saving Cool Biz casual wear campaign

Japan kicks off Reiwa Era's first energy-saving Cool Biz casual wear campaign

Japan begins 'Cool Biz' energy-saving casual wear campaign -


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Mahalo 🔥🔥 When our Fast & Furious title had an 8 at the end of it - the smart biz move was to build out, elevate the franchise & deliver something cool and fresh for the fans.…

All the cool customers are getting e-receipts – can your biz deliver? See how digitizing your point-of-sale can #MakeTheirDay .

another cool thing i did last nite: wore & to w/ team gDy to celebra #NFAHonorse  local fashion/art/biz❤️

Our @SevenBucksProd  building out nicely. Welcome new VP Chelsea Friedland. Great biz acumen & cool content creator.

Not 1, but 2 opportunities to see if I melt your butter and cool your coffee: 10:10 ET on @FoxNews  and 10:40 ET on @Varneyco  on Fox Biz!

WH message today: Biz as usual. Everything's cool. No need to dwell on the pile up over there.

Future Visitor to 2006 Twitter: In 10 yrs this tech will drive a White House campaign Biz: Wow FV: With cartoon frogs Evan: So cool FV: But

Cool twitterman wanted to do biz there but rank hypocrisy that he now Attacks Cuba & would roll back normalization/

Cool piece. We're working hard on our robust film and @SevenBucksProd  biz. Next step is all mighty "balance" ⚖

Caught the NXT girls popping up on #RAW  vs the divas. The NXT guys & gals are definitely the "cool kids" in the biz right now, huh?