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Two men down? No problem... ❤⚫
In 9 contro 11? Nessun problema...❤⚫
#BolognaMilan 0-1
1D can't contro-o-o-ol their laughter at Liam Payne's Billboard Music Awards fail #OhNoLiam
#ACMilan's starting XI for tonight's match
Gli 11 titolari contro la @sampdoria
"I don't want to get beaten up or threatened, will keep my opinion to myself" says Actor Imran Khan on #ADHM contro…
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Third penalty against @gigiodonna1 in this campaign and he's yet to be beaten! / Terzo rigore contro Gigio in questa stagione e 0 gol!
Always enjoyed being part of Kids Day in Rome tournament. Oggi iniziamo torneo con partita contro Stepanek.Forza :-)
So Trump beats back KKK contro with endorsement from guy denied a federal judgeship for calling black atty "boy" and telling Klan jokes
RT @dansterl Hobby Lobby is against contraception, yet this burlap hair clip they sell is the strongest birth contro…
1️⃣9️⃣6️⃣9️⃣, #OnThisDay. Contro il Cagliari il primo gol in ⚪️⚫️ per il grande Antonello #Cuccureddu! ✌️
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