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I stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values & our Constitution. This is not who we are.
The search warrant for Michael Cohen’s office was sought by a US Attorney appointed by the President and approved by a judge. That’s no witch hunt. That’s the rule of law.

As Trump floats firing Mueller, all Members must speak out — or stop feigning devotion to the Constitution.
Promising war by tweet, insults not only the Constitution but every soldier who puts their life on the line.
Just doing my job.. which is protected by the First Amendment of The Constitution. You might want to give it a read.
Well, at least Trump is consistent. Abroad, he has never met a leader of an authoritarian nation (Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Philippines) that he hasn't liked. At home he shows contempt for the U.S. Constitution and democracy.
Trump’s bombing of Syria without authorization from Congress violates the Constitution, just like it did a year ago.
Trump’s on a tweet rampage against FBI/DOJ for being too helpful to Dems. But there’s a problem with that theory:

Comey? Republican.
Wray? Republican.
Mueller? Republican.
Sessions? Republican.
Rosenstein? Republican.

I guess, to him, upholding the Constitution is pro-Democrat.
This "so-called" judge was nominated by a "so-called" President & was confirmed by the "so-called" Senate. Read the "so-called" Constitution
The US Constitution grants freedom of speech in its First Amendment, but does not protect you from ridicule for being wrong.
Listen, you can defend torture, or you can defend the Constitution. Not both. The 8th Amendment explicitly forbids torture with all forms of cruel and unusual punishment. To defend torture is to attack the Constitution.
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