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@thehill  @GOPLeaderWhat  the @GOPdid  by bending over and allowing @realDonaldTrumpto  bulldoze over the Constitution and the country to lead us to a time when health workers are wrapping themselves in Hefty bags as the death toll rises is criminal. Shame on you. #TrumpVirus 

@GOP  @realDonaldTrumpYou 're a bunch of complete fscking morons, and it's only because you are traitors to the Constitution that insane incompetent criminal @realDonaldTrumpis  still in charge and causing Americans to die. You have no brains, no morals and, clearly, no shame. .

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#NewsAlert | I’m sad by what is happening, the silence of the constitution is uncomfortable and unbearable. The 6 people whose resignation were accepted were not just MLAs, they were ministers, they had brought shame to the assembly: MP Assembly Speaker, Narmada Prasad Prajapati.

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Shame we don't have as many Covid tests as we do pandemic experts, b/c this site is lousy w the latter. From the grasp of every nuance within our Constitution to surefire solutions to a global health crisis, the bounty of digital Nick Carraways has been 2020's bottomless gift.

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@imagevulture77  “We followed all the proper precautions. If only we had a constitution that gave the Prime Minister absolute power in an emergency we could have saved lives. It’s a shame we are a democracy. Let’s fix that”

Australia's PM admitted "national shame" in its inequitable treatment of Indigenous ppl, who arrived at least 50,000 years pre-British colonists but are not recognized in the constitution. -Unemployment 25%+⬆️ -Life expectancy ~8 years⬇️ -Children 2X more likely to die before 5

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#TruthMatters #RightMattersT #DecencyMattershank you a @RepAdamSchiffd  the House Managers who proved beyond a shadow of doubt that . #TrumpIsGuiltyShame  on the w #GOPComplicitTraitorso  are endorsing Trump’s attack on America and our Constitution.

"All it takes to undermine democracy, it turns out, is one man audacious enough to step across the lines — legal and otherwise — with no apparent sense of shame or public virtue. The Constitution ... was a house of cards the whole time," says @joelmmathis .

Congratulations and THANK YOU to the @SenateGOP  for defending the Constitution from the rogue, radical @HouseDemocrats  Shame on you @MittRomney  & @SenatorCollins  Seems we can never count on you two. The Dems manipulate you every time. Just switch parties. It is not that hard.

Dear @AmitShah  Saab, The Jama Masjid is not in Pakistan, says the Delhi High Court. Sir Ji, this is a moment of monumental shame for the Delhi Police, who reports to......., er, um... . Anyway, please tell your esteemed officers to read the Constitution. I am assuming you have.


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The Hindu 'nationalists' who defend rapists & murderers and take cover behind the tricolor have brought shame to India; the Flag, the Constitution & of course - to Hinduism. I write in on & #KathuaRape  #UnnaoRapeCase 

@RepSwalwell : "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If we allow the President of the United States to again abuse his office for his own personal gain, it's shame on all of us. It's shame on our Constitution."

The sovereign, the socialist, the secular, the democratic India we once knew is under attack. It is a shame that the govt, whose job it is to protect the Constitution, is the one destroying it. As a nation we must stand up against this injustice & demand justice. #ConstitutionDay 

Speaker Pelosi: "That letter that came from the White House was a joke, beneath the dignity of the presidency of the United States, in defiance of our Constitution. Shame on them.”

PTs I think that since the SC has given a lesson to the Namo’s Govt on the Constitution therefore NaMo should sack all those who advised him to send Verma on leave. Only then the shame on on our government can be washed

Trump knows no shame in violating the Constitution’s anti-corruption ban— & these payments will be full exhibits in our Emoluments Clause lawsuit against him.

This moment reminds me of the shame, turmoil, division & failure inflicted on our nation by a narcissistic Looter-in-Chief who enriched himself & his cronies, while gleefully crushing our hopes, dreams & constitution under his tyrannical heel. Never again.

It's a shame that an Indian leader needs to be told this by a foreign one, when our history is one of co-existence, our Constitution reflects pluralism &our culture accepts difference. A great pity that some Indians don't share the values on which India is built.

If you believe this, hide your face in shame. Your values are objectively un-American. Read the US Constitution and repent.