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RCMP Const. Michael Mikan confirmed that the Easter Bunny will be “making his scheduled rounds" amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping a safe physical distance, of course.

Hamilton traffic cop Const. Claus Wagner retires after three decades @HamiltonPolice  #HamOnt 

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UPDATED: The VPD member who tested positive for COVID-19 is recovering at home, says Const. Tania Visintin.

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Spending half a year off work, including eight weeks at a mental health facility was "probably the best move I ever did," said @HamiltonPolice  Const. Andrew Leng. Looking back, Leng can see the pressures had been building steadily for a decade #HamOnt 

Pass-by-value vs. pass-by-reference-to-const in C++ ()

There’s fear that Trump will use state of emergency to cancel the election. He won’t, because he knows the Const. ends his and Pence’s term on Jan. 20. With no election,at noon that day Pelosi would become prez. If Trump won’t leave, he would be escorted out by federal marshals.

@EmmanuelMacron  will make a statement tonight about #covid19 . There is speculation that he will postpone the local elections (this Sunday), declare the State of Emergency and that he will seize absolute power (art. 16 Const.). #coronahysteria 


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2/x Now you’re retweeting ad hominems from Mazie Hirono. Everyone expects that from her—that’s who she is—but you were a real academic. Trump has broken the Left. To see you reduced to a Twitter troll is just sad. Disagree on substance, on the Const, but you’re better than this.

Which clause of the Constitution gives a President the authority to give away a trillion $ w/o Congress? And if you like this policy, how would you feel if/when a GOP president does it for something you don’t like? Here’s a better idea: follow the Const & don’t be a dictator.

In 1991 I said Govt doesn’t needGovernor’s Report for dismissing a state Govt. Then I got dismissed DMK Govt.Then on Art 370 I argued that we don’t need Const Amendment. Proved right again. Now I say Govt does not need SC ok to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Will Namo do it?

Giving up one’s life in trying to save another life, someone you don’t know. Const. Rajender Gautam while rescuing an old man from drowning at Prayagraj sustained injuries in his backbone and has passed away. Dharti par Bhagwan. Om Shanti ??

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In response to Pelosi’s partisan stunt trying to cancel #SOTU  the SENATE SHOULD INVITE #POTUS  to give the address in the Senate instead. Art. II Sec. 3 of the Const establishes the State of the Union & Dem obstruction shouldn’t prevent the People from hearing from the President.

Not very comforting to #Florida  voters that #BrowardCounty  supervisor,in whose hands may rest outcome of Senate & cabinet race has in the past: 1. Illegally destroyed ballots 2. Secretly opened mail ballots 3. Sent voters too many ballot pages 4. Left const question off ballot

Bad day in SC for Congi. First tried to postpone to 7/2019. Rejected. Then tried to send it a Const Bench. Refused. Arguments now from 8/2

Under Constitution'>Spanish Constitution, vote in #Catalonia  was not legal. As @JunckerEU  reiterated: internal matter to be dealt in line w/ Const. order.

In 1957 Eisenhower sent the National Guard to protect const'l rights from bigoted Dems--time for to to the same at Berkeley

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PC has tweeted I am told that Gujarat election date has not been announced because BJP is scared!! Const Art'>Forgotten Const Art 324? Illiterate!