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Sotomayor accuses conservativeSupreme Court colleagues of bias in favor of Trump administration

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Justice Sotomayor Accuses Her Conservative Supreme Court Colleagues of Doing Trump's Bidding

Why do campus protestors shut down conservative speakers? In my latest video with @ManhattanInst’s@CityJournal , Heather Mac Donald blames the “diversity bureaucracy”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor writes a devastating rebuke of her conservative colleagues’ callousness and fealty to Trump

UPDATED: A crowd of labour activists demonstrated outside of the Conservative'>Ontario Progressive Conservative convention Saturday, demanding the government stop cuts to key public services like education and health care.

@SteveKornacki  breaks down an @NBCNews  entrance poll from the #NevadaCaucus  showing Sen. Sanders with a 2% lead among Democrat primary voters who consider themselves moderate and conservative.

Blacks and Latinos—who make up a substantially bigger share of Nevada’s Democratic electorate compared to previous 2020 contests—are more likely to call themselves “moderate” or “conservative” than whites, early results from an @NBCNews  Entrance Poll show.

“Trump has a unique ability to get people who don’t necessarily agree with him to vote for him,” Rep. Matt Gaetz says when asked about conservative women questioning Pres. Trump’s character.

Iran starts counting votes a day after its parliamentary election in which conservative hardliners are likely to gain a sizeable majority based on partial results. (1/2)

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Aaron Boone on Aaron Judge, wouldn't commit to a Grapefruit League debut date (said "maybe" in a week): "We'll be conservative to build him up hitting. We're going to take it conservatively, in terms of hitting outside, but he's fine."


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I remember basically every conservative either losing their mind or pretending to lose their mind because Bill Clinton was briefly on a plane with the Attorney General.

@RepStefanik  is a young, powerful, conservative woman—and Democrats are threatened by that. They are resorting to slander and fake, photoshopped images to try to damage her character. It will not work. → Retweet if you are on #TeamElise .

How can it be possible that James Woods (and many others), a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, is banned from Twitter? Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. VERY UNFAIR!

It always happens! When a Conservative does even a fraction of what Chris Cuomo did with his lunatic ranting, raving, & cursing, they get destroyed by the Fake News. But when a Liberal Democrat like Chris Cuomo does it, Republicans immediately come to his defense. We never learn!

Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction. It’s called Freedom of Speech, remember. You are making a Giant Mistake!

Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa. I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt. We should not treat our fellow Americans this way. The press is not the enemy.

So surprised to see Conservative thinkers like James Woods banned from Twitter, and Paul Watson banned from Facebook!

When is Twitter going to allow the very popular Conservative Voices that it has so viciously shut down, back into the OPEN? IT IS TIME!

I disagreed with President Bush all the time. I never called him a pathological liar. He was just conservative. But Trump lies all the time.

In 2009, the Obama administration tried to exclude Fox News from the press pool. They backed down after strong protests from the rest of the press, who saw it as unjust, and defended Fox News. It’s very telling that we see no conservative news entities defending CNN today.