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Pros ✅: Noise reduction, good fit and comfort, Alexa if you want it, great value Cons ❌: Sound is outclassed, faffy case, tap controls aren't perfect

Look at size of swings from Lab to Cons in 2019 in the only six seats Labour had lost in 2017, seats the party had held for decades Copeland 4.9% Mansfield 15.5% M/bro S 11.1% NE Derbyshire 10.2% Stoke S 13.4% Walsall N 13.0% Last 5 now have Con majorities of more than 11,000.

#EarningsWithETNOW | @TCS  Q3FY20: Cons PAT at Rs 8,118 cr vs ET NOW poll of Rs 8,189 cr

Papa Con’s What’s the opposite of pizza delivery? I’ll tell ya at 5:55 this morning @FOX29philly  with @SueSerioFox29  @BobKellyFOX29  thomas.draytonfox29 @KarenFox29  @AlexHolleyFOX29  @KellyRuleTV  @LaurenDawnFox29  and…

Often one of the first and biggest decisions for a married couple is whether to combine finances, and there are pros and cons to both sides.

The pass-fail grading system is becoming increasingly common in the preclinical years of medical education. Here's a peek at recent grading trends as well as the pros and cons of this system.

@MattMackowiak : “While many will argue the pros and cons of this particular policy, no one can deny that the change was rolled out with little information provided to retailers, and no public awareness campaign.” @WashTimesOpEd 

Tankless water heating has been used for decades in other parts of the world. @RosieontheHouse  runs down the pros and cons of the technology.


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JOE BURROW DRAFT PROFILE Pros: Mobile Big Arm Deep ball accuracy Cons: Murdered an entire football team on live television

All the Cons lustily retweeting Daily Beast/HuffPo/ #OpenBordersInc  oppo research & recycled slime to bring me down for defending free speech & #AmericaFirst  : Screw you. All those who see through the bullshit: Thank you.

Racism isn’t a political tactic you discuss the practical pros and cons of on national tv. Racism isn’t a form of social tension. Racism is a violent, hateful ideology that has resulted in the deaths of untold millions of people and should treated as such. This isn’t hard.

Can you believe @HackneyAbbott  (Diane) voted against BANNING Al Qaeda ?!?!?!?! She wants us to trust her in running our national security system. I’m not saying if I’m Labour or Cons, however if Labour get in she gets that position. I’m sorry but that spells danger to me !!

👀Nintendo Switch Lite 👀 - Coming Sept 20th - $200 - 5.5 inch 720p screen - Not dockable/no video out - D-pad - non-detachable Cons'>Joy-Cons - 20-30% better battery life - not Labo compatible - no rumble full story by @jetscott  here:

This is astounding. A dictator cons the supposed leader of the free world...

An ex-con who has earned his PhD is opening a community college focused on other ex-cons:

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When you go into deep thought about being a dancer. Weighing all the pros & cons when you see a video like this.