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Interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut talking about hoax Russian collusion when he was a phony Vietnam con artist!
Only I could manage to become jet lagged flying from LA to Connecticut.
who knew that travelling from LA to Connecticut could take 17 hours; but we are here and ready to start SLFL in NA. LOL JK NP ROFL
great show tonight thanks Connecticut
For skeptics who think that gun laws don’t make a difference, consider what happened in Missouri and Connecticut. After tightening gun laws, firearm homicide rates dropped 40% in Connecticut. And after Missouri eased gun laws, gun homicide rates rose 25%
Last night in Connecticut @HOEG @5SOS ROUND 2 TONIGHT
years, as a pol in Connecticut, Blumenthal would talk of his great bravery and conquests in Vietnam - except he was never there. When....
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