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Congress returns today to an impeachment inquiry moving into high gear and a rapidly unfolding foreign policy disaster in Syria that’s undermining President Trump’s standing in his own party

@NateSilver538  @mattyglesiasI  think the Trump model - elect a strongman president and his party crumples and supports him - strengthens the Sanders theory. But... Trump can't get his legislation passed. His own priorities (Muslim ban, wall) involved taking unilateral action, not pressuring Congress to move

No matter which Nepali party is in power, China and Nepal will maintain stable and friendly relations, Chinese President Xi Jinping said when meeting with President of the Nepali Congress Party Sher Bahadur Deuba. Read more: #Xiplomacy 

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#BattleForTheStates – Rahul Gandhi is an unconventional politician. He is no longer Congress president, he is not a Congress officer bearer. He is just a Congress party MP from Kerala: @rasheedkidwai  (Sr. Journalist) tells @maryashakil  on #NewsEpicentre .

Hitting back at Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar for his derogatory remark against its interim president Sonia Gandhi, the Congress party, said that his comment shows the 'anti-women character' of the BJP.

#Haryana CM #ManoharLalKhattar  has again targeted #SoniaGandhi , this time over her return as the Congress chief after a three-month search by the party to choose a president, using the Hindi proverb "khoda pahad nikli chuhiya". #DCNation 

Slamming Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar for his objectionable remark against Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi, party’s Maharashtra chief Nitin Raut, said Haryana CM isn't Khattar but a 'khacchar'.

Days after making strong statements against @OfficeOfRG  for resigning as Congress chief, senior party leader @salman7khurshidsaid , the former should return as party president.

Launching a scathing attack on the Congress party, Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray on Thursday said that his head hangs in shame when he sees the current lot of Congress leaders.


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SCOOP: Gregory Cheadle, the man President Trump once called “my African American,” is leaving the Republican party & running for Congress as an independent. He says Trump has a “white superiority complex" and the party is pursing a "pro-white" agenda.

We all need to think hard about what to do. Republicans need to put country, not party, first. If the President, in his official capacity, asked a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent, Congress cannot let that stand. Our silence could doom the republic.

Make a person outside the Nehru-Gandhi the Congress Party President for five years and I will agree that Pandit Nehru made a 'Chaiwallah' the PM. India has not forgotten how a stalwart like Sitaram Kesri Ji was treated by one family.

An American president is urging a longstanding ally not to admit two American members of Congress into its democratic country. Seems that all members of Congress, regardless of party, would be worried about this precedent.

“If ur watching at home & ur a Republican member of Congress, consider the fact that when the sun sets on ur career... the thing u will be remembered 4 is whether in this moment w this president u found the courage to stand up to him or continue to put party over country.”-M PETE

Would love to hear from one Member of Congress from the Republican Party denounce the president's remarks today. It's a national security issue, not a partisan issue.

Trump is using the grief, tears, and pain of these kids as mortar to build his wall, and extort a bill to his liking in Congress. And by accepting the President’s many falsehoods about what is required to end this policy, the GOP in Congress has become the party of lies.

The Republican party needs to wake up when it comes to this President and his pro-Russia posturing. We took an oath to defend the United States from enemies foreign and domestic, and it’s time for Congress to start acting.

The President of the United States is threatening to pardon himself in order to undermine an independent investigation. His lawyers are arguing that obstruction of justice doesn't apply to him. And the governing party watches silently from Congress. This is a recipe for tyranny.

. refused to stand up to Putin. The Congress controlled by his own party refuses to do their job and stand up to the president. We need to take back the House and Senate to finally put a check on this president.