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The Trump Administration now admits $20 million of the Ukraine aid still hasn’t made it to Ukraine — buried in footnote 3 of a new letter claiming Trump’s original freezing of that aid was “consistent” with U.S. policy. (Congress believes it was inconsistent and a high crime.)

NEW: Ukraine *still hasn’t received $20 Million* of the funding that Trump froze, and OMB admits it Trump’s move had totally canceled $35 million of Ukraine’s funding, and Congress passed a new law to fix it, as we’ve reported: New OMB letter, footnote 3

Passing a budget and appropriations bills is the most basic task of Congress. Today, I led a bipartisan, bicameral letter to Congressional leadership urging them to vote on my No Budget, No Pay bill. Read the letter ⬇️

#COP25 is an opportunity for global leaders to come together to combat the threat of climate change. That’s why I led a bipartisan letter to @PEspinosaC , the executive secretary of @UNFCCC , expressing Congress’ strong support for these efforts.

#CABPassed – Ashok Gehlot wrote a letter in a particular context of a certain number of people at that point in time. Ashok Gehlot was not dealing with the Citizenship Act: Congress leader P Chidambaram tells @Arunima24 . Watch#TheRightStand  with @AnchorAnandN .

@LarryObhof  joined state legislators across America in calling for Congress to act on #USMCANow . They know that #USMCA  is the right deal for their states’ workforce & economies. Read the letter sent to @NancyPelosi  @senatemajldr  @GOPLeader → @SenSchumer 

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An invitation to dine with the President Jefferson might have looked like something like this form letter. Library of Congress

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Castor says the Trump White House has cooperated with Congress. Here's a letter from White House counsel Pat Cipollone "cooperating" with Congress by saying Congress isn't Trump's real dad and Congress doesn't exist and LALALA PAT CIPOLLONE CAN'T HEAR YOU

More than 135 Emerging Biotech Leaders Urge Congress to Reject H.R. 3. Read the letter here:

In a letter to Interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Siddaramaiah expressed his sincere regrets for not being able to give "satisfactory results" in the byelections.


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On my way to Iowa - just heard nearly 1,000 agriculture groups signed a letter urging Congress to approve the USMCA. Our Patriot Farmers & rural America have spoken! Now Congress must do its job & support these great men and women by passing the bipartisan USMCA Trade Agreement!

Just sent @SecPompeo  a letter flagging that the Feb 2019 spending bill prohibits pay to federal officials who prevent other officials from communicating with Congress. We refuse to bankroll this administration while they hold witnesses hostage. Sondland must testify on Ukraine.

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James Clapper, who famously got caught lying to Congress, is now an authority on Donald Trump. Will he show you his beautiful letter to me?

So @RashidaTlaib  lied. She sent this, Israel accepted her request, then she made a public spectacle about declining their acceptance while pretending this letter was never sent. This is an absolute embarrassment to Congress. Good grief.

Yesterday, FBI Director Comey bowed to partisan pressure and released a vague and inappropriate letter to Congress. What you need to know:

Barr misled Congress and the American people to protect the President. There must be consequences. We must see the letter, get the full report and docs, and hear directly from Mueller.

Here’s our simple message to Attorney General Barr: When Special Counsel Robert Mueller completes the investigation, make his report public. And turn the evidence over to Congress. Without delay and to the maximum extent permitted by law. Our letter:

Mueller's 3/27 letter to Barr starts, "I previously sent you a letter dated March 25 that enclosed the introduction and summary for each volume of my report". Has Congress requested the 3/25 letter yet? That was 1 day after Barr released his 4 pgs instead of Mueller's summaries.

Thanks for shining some light on my letter to Director Mueller. Here's the deal — we need to know if the President's finances were looked at in this investigation and if they were, then they should be provided to Congress.

The Mueller report needs to be made public, the underlying investigative materials should be handed over to Congress, and Barr must testify. That is what transparency looks like. A short letter from Trump's hand-picked Attorney General is not sufficient.