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You did it #BTSArmy! Congratulations on winning the Award at#BestFanArmy our . And now#iHeartAwards2018 a message from ! 🙌👏
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Congratulations, @BTS_twt! 👏
Like I already told you in the video, we do really know how hard you been tryin' for this award. Since the title is 'Best Fandom', the award surely is not ours, it's all for ARMYs. Congratulations and love you all with all of my heart. 💕
Congratulations to the Indian government on the first 100 days of @AyushmanNHA. It’s great to see how many people have been reached by the program so far. @PMOIndia
Congratulations to President
@JairBolsonaro who just made a great inauguration speech - the U.S.A. is with you!
Volkswagen will be spending 800 million dollars in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They will be making Electric Cars. Congratulations to Chattanooga and Tennessee on a job well done. A big win!
The #MissUniverse crown finds its way back to the Philippines. Congratulations Catriona Gray!

VIDEO CREDIT: Under License from Miss Universe, LLP
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